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Your Virtual Self

Use Case: Dating with the help of an Empathetic Companion

Helping people find love and meet unmet needs

It’s hard to know how to show up authentically in dating apps today. Flirtatious and outgoing? Coy and mysterious? How a person presents themselves and how they are understood by others can produce a number of different outcomes. The ways in which we communicate on these apps, in the form of profile text & images, are variables that can radically increase or decrease the success of a profile.

What is a companion?

Companions are personified beings that help people with coaching, feedback, encouragement, and motivation so they can continue to learn and grow into the people they want to become.

We know a companion can be used to help daters identify areas where communication might be in need of improvement. Similarly, a companion could help celebrate the wins and help dates uncover why they enjoyed a particular dating experience.

Generally speaking, people can sometimes be unaware of the message that they are projecting and just need reassurance that they’re on the right track. A dating companion can help nudge daters towards success by providing timely feedback on the overall tone of their profile and their text/video interactions.

By specifically reviewing a profile’s text and images for signals, Maslo can help increase the success of an initial match. And as the matches progress, a companion can then assist with the conversation to help avoid landmines and also suggest areas to dig into more deeply.

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