👋 Hi, we’re Maslo, and this is how it all began.

“Our doubt is our passion, and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art.” Henry James

This is the story of how we left our jobs to start something new. I’m Ross, this is Cristina, and we’re the cofounders of Maslo.

Cristina and I met a year ago at a birthday party in San Francisco. As Googlers, we had a shared interest in the tech products we worked on, and bonded over the deep interests that drove our work. She and I differed, and it’s what made our conversation compelling that night.

I worked in the Advanced Technologies and Projects group on Project Ara, a category-defining smartphone that was way ahead of its time. I joined the team at ATAP after five years at Sphero, where we reinvented toys and put millions of playful robots in the home, most notably the quirky BB-8 Droid from Star Wars. I came to Sphero, a computer science dropout, and quickly learned that working with a small team of underdogs was where I belonged.

Cristina just launched the Google Assistant on two of Google’s newest products — the Pixel phone and Google Home. She worked to make talking to Google easy, fun, and useful for millions of people. While I had come to Google to build cool tech amongst a tight-knit team, she had come as a Yale sociologist and yoga teacher. She understood the psychology that drove our love of technology. And, after working alongside Google’s exec team on the Assistant, she was inspired to do more to make technology helpful.

But that evening, as humans, we drank beers and ate a lot of birthday cake.

We hung out a few weeks later at Coffee Lab on the Google campus. A bit burnt out on technology, Cristina contemplated leaving it all to work on a farm in Italy. “It can help us become more human, and less robotic”, we insisted, two-hours later. “This is a design problem”. We kept talking about the things we would do and the only way we could do them was by starting over.

And so, it began…

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