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MASQ Aludel Rewards Update

With the wild year of 2021 now over, the MASQ x Alchemist Aludel reward program ‘GEMINI’ has come to an end. Since this reward program was closely connected to the initial steps into community governance voting, we will now inaugurate new strategies to include the greater community as the project moves further into the Polygon ecosystem.

Aludel Reward Pool Conclusion

All ‘GEMINI’ Aludel reward subscribers should make sure they check their remaining MASQ-WETH Sushiswap LP subscriptions on the Crucible Rewards Program page and view the Rewards tab on their crucible to see the pool.

There is no deadline to claim $MASQ subscription rewards, but as explained previously with the reward structure, it is important to check your multiplier and the duration of your subscription so you can claim the maximum rewards after the minimum 40 day subscription period.

To unsubscribe (and claim), click the blue ‘Unsubscribe’ button, which will unsubscribe your MASQ-WETH SLP tokens and allow you to claim your $MASQ rewards at the same time.

Both assets will be within your crucible after the ‘Unsubscribe’ transaction is confirmed.


  • The GEMINI Aludel pool is reusable, so there are other possibilities of future rewards and benefits for Crucible holders of MASQ-WETH SLP tokens.
  • You can continue to hold your MASQ-WETH SLP tokens safely in the Crucible, to save on gas without the need to move your SLP tokens.
  • MASQ-WETH SLP holders continue to earn the protocol fees from Sushiswap swap activity
  • Any upcoming Governance voting will include Crucible holders that have MASQ-WETH SLP within their Crucible wallet

Governance Voting and Future Strategy

The MASQ core team is working on further strategies to enrich the supporting community, which will include the $MASQ holders and Liquidity Providers who have bridged to Polygon since the integration, which was undertaken to gain the scaling and low-gas benefits of the Polygon Network and to optimize the MASQ software and upcoming Beta testing phases.

These strategies will likely come to fruition after the GEMINI beta software release, as the core team is currently focusing on a crucial testing and feedback phase in preparation for the best launch possible. This launch will put the MASQ Network project on the crypto map for the world to see!

As these new governance strategies progress, we will make further announcements with the details on how these changes will ensure that supporters of MASQ on both the Ethereum and Polygon Networks can be involved in governance voting and further participate in the future of the MASQ Network.

Other Staking Programs

Check out the other MASQ articles explaining how to participate in the Quickswap LP Mining and Dragon’s Syrup incentives on the Polygon Network.

MASQ Network is building a censorship-resistant dVPN mesh network that will provide access to global internet content for all netizens, regardless of where they live. By combining all the benefits of VPN and Tor technology, MASQ software will offer superior privacy features without many of the disadvantages of those tools.

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MASQ combines the benefits of VPN and Tor technology, to create a superior next-generation privacy software, where users are rewarded for supporting an uncensored, global web. Users gain privacy and anonymity online, while helping promote Internet Freedom.

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