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MASQ Aludel Transmutation Complete!

What is a MASQ Aludel?

  • There will be 2 Aludels for MASQ which are reward programs, for subscribing your tokens
  • The Crucible is a unique NFT universal wallet, that allows the holder to interact with the Aludel reward programs AND keep total ownership of their tokens and rewards in their wallet (i.e. its non-custodial)

MASQ Aludel Rewards

  1. NEO’ — MASQ v1single-sided rewards program — 250,000 MASQ reward pool
  • ‘GEMINI’ — SUSHI-MASQWETH v1Sushiswap Liquidity Provider (MASQ-WETH SLP) rewards program — 350,000 MASQ reward pool
  • Rewards are released over 60 days in the program, based on a steady state time-release, so early larger holders cannot drain rewards on day 1 before other members subscribe to the Aludels
  • There is a built-in rewards multiplier from 1x-10x across 40 days, which means that users can claim full eligible rewards after at least 40 consecutive days remaining subscribed to the program — if you claim and unsubscribe before then, then you won’t receive all your eligible rewards accrued in that period. Also if you ‘unsubscribe & claim’ rewards the multiplier to reset back to 1x.

Subscribing to MASQ Aludels

  • NEO — requires subscribing MASQ ERC20 tokens
  • GEMINI — requires Sushiswap MASQ-WETH SLP tokens

For NEO Aludel — Transfer MASQ Tokens to within your Crucible**

Subscribe Tokens to the Aludels

MASQ x Alchemist Artwork Promo



MASQ is a dMeshVPN, browser, web3Store, protocol and earning ecosystem that makes living in web3 anonymous and private. The unique MASQ software provides borderless internet access for all netizens through a seamless User Experience.

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