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MASQ NFT & Staking Complete

The latest MASQ staking rewards pool has finished and it was great to see many community members participate. Looking at the reward pool smart contract, the total MASQ staking peaked over 4.25M tokens, meaning there is a strong presence of engagement and involvement by MASQ warriors seeking rewards!

Please make sure you unstake and claim your MASQ tokens, as there are still some tokens locked in the rewards pools. Go to the Rewards tab of the Linkswap platform, click the “Show inactive Pools”, toggle, withdraw and claim your tokens!

Collector NFT — Genesis Squad

As outlined in our staking pool announcement, there is an exclusive NFT reward to commemorate our strong core community — the Genesis Squad)

50 community members who were eligible and remained staking for the whole 28-day period were randomly chosen to be issued the NFT. They have been airdropped the NFT to their wallet addresses on Apr 19 13:00 UTC. You can find the NFT with the “Genesis Squad” branding on Opensea, so check your wallet and see if you are one of the lucky winners! Special thanks to our friend @snape for curating the 3D graphic and animation of a “MASQ Warrior battling for Internet Freedom by turning on MASQ Node on their computer!”

An additional reward of 1000 MASQ will be airdropped to each of those NFT holders this week, and these Genesis Squad NFT holders will also have exclusive loyalty benefits in future within the MASQ ecosystem.




MASQ is a dMeshVPN, browser, web3Store, protocol and earning ecosystem that makes living in web3 anonymous and private. The unique MASQ software provides borderless internet access for all netizens through a seamless User Experience.

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