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MASQ Receives Polygon Foundation Micro-Grant

MASQ, the world’s first decentralized mesh network (dMN) of its design, is delighted to announce they have been awarded a Micro-Grant from the Polygon Foundation!

MASQ was recently integrated with Polygon to enhance network scalability and provide users with the lowest gas fees and fastest available transaction times. The Micro-Grant will allow MASQ to further develop GEMINI, grow the platform, and provide MASQ community rewards on the Polygon Network.

Different from traditional virtual private networks (VPNs), MASQ Network is an entirely new kind of platform that combines the superior security features of blockchain encryption with the peer-to-peer functionality of a VPN and Tor-like multi-hop routing technology concepts. Built on Ethereum, the platform will be powered by GEMINI (v0.2), the project’s next-generation software that will soon be released in several phases for public testing and further open development.

MASQ Network mitigates the vulnerabilities of traditional VPNs by routing data between users in a decentralized network. Without the logs and databases of centralized routing and service provider tracking, users receive a level of security and privacy not possible using traditional VPN and Tor solutions. Additionally, users pay for data services using $MASQ, the network’s utility token, which solves the problem of private banking and credit card information leaks and provides users a way to ’pay-as-you-go’ instead of a subscription model.

MASQ is also poised for mass adoption, for it not only represents a quantum leap in internet security and privacy during a time of heightened concern, it incentivizes its own dissemination by paying users who elect to share their bandwidth with other users. As more people join, the network becomes stronger. MASQs applications are multiform in a time of increasing regional restrictions that affect users’ ability to privately and securely access and share vital information.

MASQ continues to pursue its vision of a decentralized and uncensored web while continuing to lead the way in internet security, user incentivization, and transparent, open-source development. They have also deployed a LP (liquidity pools) Aludel reward program where MASQ Token holders can stake and earn further rewards. New projects and collaborations with brands and individuals are underway and recently the developers reached the 95% completion mark in the development of GEMINI v0.2 alpha, which is now currently in the process of code review.

MASQ Network is building a censorship-resistance mesh network, allowing all global netizens access to internet content, regardless of where they live. In addition, MASQ software will offer superior privacy features and combines all the benefits of VPN and Tor technology without many of the disadvantages of those tools.

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