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MASQ Software Progression

Internally the MASQ team has used version numbers and other technical references to our software iterations. Now it’s time to evolve the engagement and provide further insight — into the software and testing pipelines.

I came to realize the obviousness of the truth.

What is MASQ? — Control of your own freedom online

Below is the exciting outline of the progressive release phases before full Public Beta release


There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

Alpha version Dashboard from browser-GUI

MASQ NEO involves the internal Alpha Release of the browser-GUI ported to Electron. MASQ NEO is currently packaged into installers for Windows, MacOS and Linux — a private testing squad of 8–10 users has been assembled.

Testing starts immediately, while final port forwarding implementation is pushed into the codebase.

Testing Goals:

  • neighborhood stability and routing performance
  • stability testing and hardening
  • port-forwarding behaviour before and after test-driven-development

Network Scaling:

10 organic nodes + 6 Cloud nodes hosted from AWS in different regions


No one has ever done anything like this…

I know - that’s why it’s going to work.

Concept Password Setup screen for User-Onboarding on MacOS

MASQ Gemini will move away from the historical GUIs of the past, and onto the functional Desktop app once visual designs and UI functionality are finished in development.

Testing will take place under a private Beta release, to undergo rigorous onboarding stress tests, wallet dynamics, UX feedback loops with the UX/UI designer, back-end integration and bug bounties.

Dependencies: Port-forwarding and Front-End development

Testing Goals:

  • UX Finality for User-Onboarding — 12 clicks or less for new user to run MASQ
  • Fetching publicly shared node descriptors dynamically
  • Mesh-network neighborhood behaviour analysis
  • Performance testing
  • Stability testing and hardening

Network Scaling:

40 organic nodes + 12 Cloud nodes hosted from AWS in different regions


Unfortunately, no one can be told what The MASQ Network is. You’ll have to see it for yourself.

MASQ Trinity is the culmination of all the efforts from 2020 to present, including the combination of the Desktop app, user-onboarding experience (UX), port-forwarding installer packages, CICD deployment and other features of MASQ Node after hardening/stability stress tests.

Not a journey without challenge, but championed by the three development teams of UX/UI, Rust and CICD.

A closed initial Beta release will be rolled out under a whitelist and early subscriber cap — Genesis Squad NFT owners are included, as well as future promotions to be announced to secure whitelist entry.

Dependencies: stability and Front-End development, including ETH network behaviour with gas fees, ETH2.0 scaling, delinquency banning behaviour regarding performance of Nodes

Contingencies in horizon planning now— zk-rollups, L2 solutions, parallel/secondary blockchain dynamics, monetization model analysis

Testing Goals:

  • Neighborhood forming analytics
  • Performance testing
  • Monetization modelling
  • Stability testing and hardening

Network Scaling:

200 organic nodes + 16 Cloud nodes hosted from AWS in different regions to support stable mesh-network core

We sincerely appreciate all our support so far on this journey and the MASQ Network vision is expansive — so patience and persistence is the key.

We appreciate everyone of our followers, supporters and most importantly our volunteers!

We will be doing more uptake for Junior Developers and testers experienced in general IT and networking settings, so please get in contact with us!

I’m trying to free your mind, MASQ Warrior. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.



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