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UPDATE May20— Development Moves & Tokenomics

Its certainly been a strange world in the last few months! While many of our Committee have been focusing on things at home, many faithful Community testers have been working with our Tech Lead Dan Wiebe on the MASQ software.

Here are some updates to our Codebase (check out the open source code on GitHub) and also a new announcement regarding our Tokenomics!

MASQ Development

Headed by Dan Wiebe, the coding progress has been steady alongside the testers— especially throughout the last 6–7 weeks of pandemic lockdown. The GitHub commit count is quiet though in the stats, since all work is being done on branches GH-253 and GH-290.

These branches relate to the default environmental settings, configuration structures and error handling of settings in the software — this was a slightly flawed design area in the previous software versions since the Graphical User Interface (GUI) was not fully fledged to change settings for users.

To put this simply, we want the software to be easier to set up and run for any skill-level user in future, and also let the user know if they are missing setup values

Now that software design in the upcoming versions is for use from a simple Command-Line Interface (CLI) — basically meaning several one-line commands will set up and run the software from the Command Prompt — this area of development is critical so the software won’t crash unnecessarily. It will also prompt the user to input correct settings or network configuration so the software can connect successfully to the network.

The Volunteer testers in our Community are absolutely amazing! — they have been sharing their free time to help test the new code changes and are running the software on all three major platforms to test it in different OS environments — Windows, MacOS and Linux

Many thanks to Dan and the Testers for all your time and efforts — you are incredible and passionate individuals!

Tokenomics Update — Excess Tokens

As outlined in our Greypaper, we have sent 235,575,725.2424265 tokens to the zero ETH address using the burn function in the Solidity token contract for MASQ

You can check out the transaction on the Ethereum blockchain here

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to deliver development progress and the aspects we outlined in our Greypaper .

We hope everyone is safe and well, and following all the precautions needed these days to remain healthy!

Stay Tuned for a more detailed announcement for all of you who are technically minded, where we can review more detailed changes to the software code and elaborate on Dan’s work with our wonderful Testing Squad

As all of our Committee are volunteers donating our time and efforts, we rely on donations from our community to help hosting, marketing and other related costs.

ETH address for any donations from our wonderful supporters:






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