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SOLID STEPS — MASQ Network Dec20 Update

MASQ Network is pleased to see lots of progress across the project strategy plan, including the really exciting milestone of having public liquidity. $MASQ is now publicly listed on the hot new DEX Linkswap (some are calling this Uniswap 3.0!)

Check out the Linkswap headline on Coinmarketcap — MASQ is mentioned!

Here is a round-up of achievements and updates for our community and the wider public!

MASQ + Linkswap Partnership

$MASQ launched on the Linkswap DEX platform which went live on Dec 5 UTC. You can check out the $MASQ-ETH pair here

The MASQ committee is grateful to Startale and the Linkswap team for including the MASQ Network in the initial launch pairs. $MASQ currently sits as the second largest project launch pair in Total Value Locked (TVL) behind $YFL-LINK, $YFL-WETH & $YAX-LINK (TVL measures how much value of tokens are locked in DEX marketplaces).

At time of writing the TVL sits at $698,557 USD (combined $MASQ-ETH value)

The YFL and Linkswap community are currently releasing lots of updates and making tweaks. An excellent YF Link Learning Centre to discover the features and unique qualities of the Linkswap platform — check it out here

$MASQ Liquidity Providers (LP) and Staking Rewards are LIVE

In line with MASQ Network project milestones and the tokenomics, 2,000,000 $MASQ and roughly 385 ETH were provided as initial liquidity to Linkswap for initial launch. This was a huge accomplishment which took several months of planning and execution, and is the first step of many in the launch and marketing strategy.

A further 150,000 $MASQ from the marketing token allocation have been provided for LP rewards to those who are providing liquidity and staking them on the Linkswap LP Rewards platform

Our amazing Marketing team has created two tutorial videos to assist our community:

  1. How to Add MASQ-ETH Liquidity
  2. How to Stake LSLP Tokens for Rewards

Important Note from the MASQ Network Team — to promote community engagement, reward loyalty and show appreciation to MASQ supporters, the team ARE NOT staking any liquidity tokens from the team LP provided.

That means all the staking rewards available are there for the public!

There has been some extremely exciting update from community members as to just how lucrative and rewarding the staking model is — all supporters are encouraged to get involved before the reward period ends

Reminder on the Rewards periods:

First 2-weeks — $YFL and $MASQ are rewarded on a fixed daily emissions to stakers

Following 6-weeks — $MASQ is rewarded on a fixed daily emissions to stakers

Total reward period is 8 weeks

Token Supply Reduction

After announcing a token supply reduction to our Telegram community, the 1 million $MASQ tokens allocated to other advisors were removed from total supply on Dec 6, 2020 UTC.

This was completed using the burn function on and can be inspected here

The team is still engaging with current and future advisors, but these arrangements will be coming from the Marketing & Development allocations.

Marketing Update

Head of Marketing Mac gave a brief update this week in Telegram on the marketing efforts for the rest of 2020.

Here is a list of what’s going on:

  1. There is an upcoming AMA with Satoshi Club on December 16th 7am UTC! You can join their channel here —
    They currently have about 40,000 members and channels in Russian and Spanish.
    You can see other projects they’ve worked with here:
    Project such as: Cardano, Tron, Tezos, Kava, EOS, Harmony and MANY more. This will be huge exposure for MASQ Network.
  2. The team has executed some paid promotional spots in influencer groups with over 100,000 members
  3. A full-scale marketing firm (won’t release the name yet, but safe to say they are top in the space) has been engaged to expand our reach to the broader blockchain influencer community, and across the tech sector. This firm has deep connections and ties to some of the biggest names in blockchain. The team is currently finishing the on-boarding process so they can fully understand the project vision and software solution. On-boarding will take several weeks before executing outreach.
  4. Currently Linkswap is waiting on confirmation as ‘Exchange’ on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, Delta and Blockfolio. As soon as these sites recognize Linkswap as an exchange the MASQ team will be able to list the project as well on these networks.

Development of Public Beta and GUI

The development team has been pushing hard on a critical piece of the wallet dynamics and integrating this into the GUI.

Headway has been made on this area and further collaboration is being done to implement the UI interfacing protocol over Websockets and allowing the private testers to explore the software tweaks.

For those who are interested and have a technical background, you can inspect the code on the GitHub repos, including the browser-based GUI repo. These can all be downloaded, compiled and tested on the supported OS platforms — Windows, MacOS and Linux

Check out the Live Demo of the Node in action and the GUI teaser of the features being built right now behind the scenes.

As a final bit of holiday cheer — the team is coordinating with the Linkmas promo and hope to announce some exciting rewards using some very cool technology with NFTs and Chainlink VRF function!

Here’s to an amazing end of 2020 and a very bright and exciting 2021 New Year!



MASQ is a dMeshVPN, browser, web3Store, protocol and earning ecosystem that makes living in web3 anonymous and private. The unique MASQ software provides borderless internet access for all netizens through a seamless User Experience.

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