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UPDATE — MASQ Aludel Staking Rewards

The entire crypto space is buzzing with activity, with the energy from ‘Uptober’ spreading throughout projects and supporter everywhere.

What better time to share in this excitement and release some promising news for the loyal stakers and our growing MASQ Network community!

Currently there are two Aludel reward programs that are active and rewarding subscribers until 13 Oct 2021. Please continue reading the full article to learn about the available rewards extension!

  1. NEO’ — MASQ v1single-sided rewards program
  2. ‘GEMINI’ — SUSHI-MASQWETH v1Sushiswap Liquidity Provider (MASQ-WETH SLP) rewards program

(named after our initial and upcoming software version releases)

At time of writing, there are nearly $1,000,000 of subscriptions to the reward pools — that's over 3.7M MASQ tokens!

NEO Aludel Pool — Reward End Date

The NEO Aludel is for single-sided subscriptions of MASQ

This pool will end as of the 13 Oct 2021 UTC and will remain visible on the Crucible rewards page for participants to interact and claim their tokens and rewards.

There is currently no time limit to claim your rewards.

Also, importantly if you started your subscription later, ensure you do not Claim & Withdraw before the minimum 40 days subscribed, so you can receive your maximum eligible rewards.

Be aware that there are on-chain transaction fees to withdraw and claim, so you have the time to patiently wait for gas fees to be low to unsubscribe and receive your tokens!

GEMINI Aludel Pool — Extension of Subscription Rewards

GEMINI Aludel participation has increased significantly with many members realizing the potential for much higher reward percentages and the release of our MASQ Governance Voting system, deployed on Snapshot and Crucible governance page.

GEMINI Aludel participants are strong supporters of the project, providing MASQ + ETH liquidity to the MASQ-WETH Sushiswap pool.

They essentially receiving 4 benefits:

  • Liquidity Provider rewards from Sushiswap swap fees
  • Aludel rewards from the GEMINI subscription
  • Governance voting rights
  • Considerably higher APY rewards, when compared to single-sided subscriptions

GEMINI participants in turn, also provide significant value to the greater community.

After reviewing participation, project benefits and available reward allocations, the GEMINI Aludel pool will be extended until the end of the year, with 400,000 MASQ to be deposited to continue the GEMINI Aludel rewards.

That’s right !— GEMINI Aludel extended to 31st Dec 2021!

Additional MASQ reward tokens will be deposited closer to the 13th October, so all subscribers do not need to do anything to continue building their rewards!

Remember! - any further subscriptions are all tracked and counted individually, so if a participant wanted to add further MASQ-WETH SLP tokens, those tokens start building the 40-day multiplier and rewards separately to the other subscriptions.

All subscriptions are measured and rewarded based on their start date.

MASQ Network is building a censorship-resistance mesh network, allowing all global netizens access to internet content, regardless of where they live. In addition, MASQ software will offer superior privacy features and combines all the benefits of VPN and Tor technology without many of the disadvantages of those tools.

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