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2 min readNov 17, 2022

Grow The Zone with MassBit! In November, the MassBit Team is happy to bring you the Grow The Zone Campaign to show the diversity and reach of the MassBit network, so let’s join together and show just how much the network is represented in each region.

You will join the campaign by participating in MassBit Route Testnet gateways across 6 regions in the MassBit Route Testnet Network, Setup, and Stake the Testnet Token. Each zone will have a winner by random lottery. We will not limit the number of registered gateways.

*Note: Only “Staked” gateways in the system are eligible to receive rewards.

📅 Date: 17/11/22 to 12/12/2022

🏆 Prize

  • $50 BUSD & 3,000 $Wahlee | North America (NA)
  • $50 BUSD & 3,000 $Wahlee | South America (SA)
  • $50 BUSD & 3,000 $Wahlee | Africa (AF)
  • $50 BUSD & 3,000 $Wahlee | Asia (AS)
  • $50 BUSD & 3,000 $Wahlee | Oceania (OC)
  • $50 BUSD & 3,000 $Wahlee | Europe (EU)

📖 How to join?

  1. Sign up for a MassBit account
  2. Create a gateway according to the guide
  3. After creating your Gateway, head to @massbitprotocol & share the 📌 Tweet

📌 Terms and conditions:

  • Each winning airdrop will be selected via a random draw.
  • If one participant chooses more than 1 zone, we’ll skip you and choose someone who is eligible.
  • The Gateway must work properly and join the system (“Staked” status)
  • Each entrant must follow the MassBit Twitter account

About MassBit Route Testnet

MassBit Route (MBR) is a key product under development, currently supported by the Web3 Foundation. MBR is a blockchain distribution network (BDN) operated and governed by users all over the globe. It provides decentralized applications access to different blockchain APIs by routing users’ blockchain RPC calls to the nearest blockchain node for optimized response time. The MassBit advantage comes from a truly decentralized network which can use its advanced traffic routing mechanism to ensure the network adapts to regional demand, providing increased speed and efficiency compared to traditional methods by incentivizing the network to service where it’s needed most.

About MassBit

MassBit is a decentralized infrastructure project. MassBit, which is based on proof-of-stake, uses a verification protocol to create products that are decentralized, providing faster, cost-effective, scalable and more stable solutions for Web3 apps.

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MassBit Protocol

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