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Interested in learning more about how #COVID19 is impacting our state? Check out the compilation of our team’s analysis and updates from during the public health crisis, hosted by our communications director, Reggie Williams.

Learn about the pandemic’s impact on the state budget process, essential programs, and how we can prepare for the road to recovery with our Policy Analyst, Monique Ching莊穎詩.

Watch the full testimony from our President, Marie-Frances Rivera, on how we can ensure collective well-being and economic security in the Commonwealth.

Learn what federal relief for the Commonwealth is available with our Kids Count Director, Nancy Wagman.

Learn about the CARES Act, unemployment assistance, and more with our president, Marie-Frances Rivera, senior analyst, Phineas Baxandall, and our Kids Count Director, Nancy Wagman.

The Rainy Day Fund is a viable tool to help the Commonwealth stay afloat, but is it enough? Learn more with our senior analyst, Kurt Wise.

Check out the latest updates and thought pieces from our team.

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The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center provides independent research and analysis of state budget and economic policies.

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