7 High Tech Finalists in the MassChallenge UK Startup Showcase

With our highly anticipated MassChallenge UK Startup Showcase just around the corner on 23 July, we want to introduce an interesting and diverse selection of 7 (of many) high tech companies you’ll be able to meet there.


Bird.i Satellite Imagery

Bird.i is making Earth Observation social. They bring fresh, high quality Earth Observation images to the mass market.

Maps and imagery increasingly influence us, but as fresh imagery becomes more available, few can access it. Bird.i makes fresh observations available to those that can benefit. They use novel, on-line data analytics that helps identify need and acquire imagery in places and times of interest to many people. They can push user friendly output to consumer devices, sell only pixels that matter, charge less per pixel and sell them many times, making now the time to take Earth Observation to the mass market.

Sinclair Fire

James Popper, Managing Director of Sinclair Fire

Smarter, Faster, Safer. Sinclair Fire develops and manufactures products leveraging its unique portfolio of fire detection and response intellectual property. The company’s primary innovation is the Sinclair Kitchen Fire Detector, an infrared fire detection device, designed to respond to fires rapidly and without false alarms, saving lives and reducing the cost of fire damage. The product is targeted at the Residential Construction and Social Housing sectors.


Shoplo.com is the easiest way to sell online. They help small brands sell more and save time.
E-commerce has changed — contemporary customers buy in many different channels. Shoplo helps ecommerce brands reach them all and sell products everywhere their prospects are. Their mission is simple — to deliver retailers what they need: high sales and tools to save time. How is it done? Shoplo picks the best sales channels for their business and facilitates sales with just a few clicks. Everything managed in one place, easy to analyse and optimise. Online sales just couldn’t be easier.


Glisser socialises presentations — they take regular slide decks, push them live to audience devices, and gather feedback and interaction.
Glisser was used at SXSW and was recently featured on the BBC Click show. Just yesterday, they got listed on Product Hunt. Take a gander and come see their product for yourself at our Showcase.


Choosic is a music discovery app that recommends you new and trending music from over 600 music blogs in a Tinder-esque interface.

Currently, they use a mixture of algorithmic and curated approaches to their recommendations and aggregate the freshest tracks from tastemakers to save you time. Choosic are a data driven business that aims to solve the problem of music discovery and offer a new form of content delivery to innovate the A&R and marketing space.


Code is valid until 31st August 2015

Launched earlier this year, FilmDoo intends to be the go-to platform for people to discover and watch great international films from around the world. In a short span of time, they have already close to 500 films which UK and Ireland-based users can watch on their site. Their plans are to have around 1,000 films by year end; many of these films, FilmDoo are the first to bring to the UK. They are also looking into an international launch.

FilmDoo is more than just a Video on Demand platform — they actively help users to discover these films through personalised film recommendation technology while building a vibrant social community around the world.


Missed a parcel delivery recently? Avoided buying something online because of the inconvenience of literally just getting hold of it? Or maybe you are an online retailer who just gets so frustrated with lost sales because of delivery issues?

CornerDrop makes this problem disappear. They make it easy for any business to register to accept parcels and they make it easy for any online retailer to get access to those locations. Think of them as an open source parcel drop network.

The CornerDrop network of locations and their secure collection process opens up many opportunities for everyone involved. Soon they will have the largest number of parcel locations in the UK, offering their customers more locations than Collect+! Please come and talk to them on the night of the showcase & they’ll happily tell you more!

Come see and hear more from our startups themselves at the MassChallenge UK Startup Showcase held at our Tobacco Dock home. Mark those calendars for July 23rd from 17:00–20:00! Register here.

All descriptions come from the companies themselves.

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