The Event of the YEAR: MassChallenge UK Awards Ceremony and Fundraiser!

The 2015 MassChallenge Awards Ceremony was definitely an event to remember. Not only was it the first awards ceremony of the Mass Challenge UK team, it was the grand finale of the MassChallenge UK startup accelerator program, shining a spotlight on the world’s most promising entrepreneurs and celebrating innovation, entrepreneurship and growth.

The ceremony provided an opportunity for 90 early stage startups to showcase their ideas and the top 26 of the startups to pitch for shares of £500,000 equity free contributions. For the past few months, all 90 startups have worked incredibly hard, meeting with mentors, perfecting their pitches, attending events, all culminating in the innovation event of 2015.

How good was it? Well, for a start, Emceeing the night was Shivvy Jervis, Presenter of Digital Futures & The Trailblazers, and Head of Digital at Telefonica. Already we’re in good shape!

More than 700 innovation and startup VIP’s attended the event, which included representatives from big brand companies like NatWest, London Stock Exchange, Visa Europe C0llab, Unilever and IBM. See Here!

Some of the big winners from the night include @BuyerDeck, @preliminalgames, @momincubators, @cbioaugsystems — actually, we’ll stop there because there were so many winners from our startups who were working extremely hard in the past weeks to showcase their ideas! You can see them all listed at the end! The featured speakers on the night included Founder & CEO of the transport app CityMapper, Azmat Yusuf and Founder & Executive Chef of Wahaca, Thomasina Miers.

John Harthorne @jharthorne the CEO of MassChallenge brought the wisdom on stage at #MCawards15 too — emphasising that “changing the world is our moral imperative” and taking us through the MassChallenge journey — which started in the depths of the recession and has now helped its startups raise over $1 BILLION dollars!

More impressive MC stats were shared in this journey video below — and for the pizza & coffee, we can well believe it!

Azmat Yusuf gave an inspirational speech about his journey from his east London startup roots.

He shared his experiences of setting up Citymapper in London and how he established the company as one the world’s hottest traveltech startups — from being stranded in strange West London far too many times.

Shivvy Jervis @shivvyjervis kept the banter & excitement at peak throughout the night, with electric string quartet Palatine @palatinestrings playing the room to perfection.

Thomasina Miers then discussed her @wahaca journey — and why the MassChallenge journey is so important for startups looking to doing their own thing — something she actually struggled with herself at first, before making Wahaca the powerhouse it is today.

Overall it was a night filled with fun, food & fundraising. If you were unfortunate enough to miss it, check out our twitter hashtag #MCAwards15 which explosively trended on twitter for many more pics from the night, vines to re-watch and periscope streams to pretend you were there! Because you really should have been!

The full list of winners can be found below:


Cambridge Bio Augmentation Systems (@CBioAugSystems)

UK | Healthcare & Life Sciences

A permanently integrated smart device that provides the interface between an amputated stump and any prosthesis.

MOM Incubators (@momincubators)

UK | Healthcare & Lifesciences

One million children die needlessly due to premature birth every year. MOM — The Inflatable Incubator was designed to give them a chance.

Preliminal Games (@preliminalgames)

UK | High Tech

Mantle is a toolset to create rapid 3D environments for games, built environment and geo-visualisation. Start creating through discovery.

Renovagen (@renovagen)

UK | Energy & Clean Tech

Renovagen — saving lives with solar power and driving down the cost of access to energy in remote locations.

Sinclair Fire (@SinclairFire)

UK | General, Retail & Consumer Goods

Smarter, Faster, Safer. Sinclair Fire — saving lives and reducing the cost of fire damage with groundbreaking detection technology.

Shoot (@ShootGardening)

UK | High Tech

Shoot empowers all gardeners to be successful. Tell them which plants are in your garden and they’ll send you care reminders each month.


BuyerDeck (@buyerdeck)

UK | High Tech

BuyerDeck is a Buyer Portal. B2B seller teams collaborate on content & deal information with buyers to deliver a great buying experience.


UK | High Tech

Converge — the IoT platform for industry that automates manual monitoring by connecting large scale sensor networks.

Glisser (@glisser)

UK | High Tech

Glisser makes presentations interactive — they take regular slide decks, push live to audience devices and gather data and feedback.

Great Little Place (GLP) (@glpLondon)

UK | General, Retail & Consumer Goods

Great Little Place (GLP) is a mobile app for discovering and sharing “great little places” around you.

Live Better With (@lbwcancer)

UK | General, Retail & Consumer Goods

A one-stop marketplace of healthcare, home aid and wellness products and technologies for patients with long-term conditions and their carers.

twosigmas (@twosigmas_)

UK | General, Retail & Consumer Goods

Edtech startup twosigmas specializes in matching global education demand with UK-based educators and education resources.

Vidsy (@vidsysocial)

UK | General, Retail & Consumer Goods

Vidsy is a game-changing tech platform enabling brands to create fresh micro content & ideas from a community of digital natives & creators.

Zipcube (@zipcube)

UK | High Tech

Zipcube is the for meeting rooms — don’t enquire, just book.


Carbon Analytics (@co2analytics)

UK | Social Impact

Carbon Analytics provides fully automated and action oriented carbon, energy and water emission insights to the SME/SMB community!

Compare and Share (@compareandshare)

UK | High Tech

Compare and Share is the comparison marketplace of the Sharing Economy, helping people and companies access 8000 sharing sites in one place.

DOYA Medical Ltd.

Israel | Healthcare & Lifesciences

DOYA Medical active eStent replaces ear tube surgeries, improves quality of life, reduces recovery time and saves millions in costs.

FoPo Food Powder (@hellofopo)

Sweden | Social Impact

FoPo extends food shelf life from 2 weeks to 2 years by freeze drying & turning it into powder, while reducing food waste and helping farmers.

GiveVision (@givevision_net)

UK | Healthcare & Lifesciences

Developing smart glasses that act as eyes for blind people.

Gormley & Gamble (@gormley_gamble)

UK | High Tech

London’s first made-to-measure tailors exclusively for women. Complimentary monogramming, macaroons and appointment-only service.

HelpingB (@helpingb)

UK | Social Impact

HelpingB helps revolutionary products with a social impact and financially sustainable business model come to life through crowdfunding.

RE-VANA (@re_vana)

UK | Healthcare & Lifesciences

RE-VANA is focused on saving the eyesight of elderly and diabetic people by using it’s high tech drug delivery systems.

Resonance (@ResonanceCEO)

UK | General, Retail & Consumer Goods

The platform that makes being the most ethical company also the most profitable.

Talent Rank (@fmrank)

UK | High Tech

Making raw financial talent measurable and discoverable.

Unique Insights

UK | Social Impact

We use predictive analytics at universities to identify students most at risk of dropping out to provide them with the necessary support.

World Around Me (@wamapp)

UK | High Tech

World Around Me is local discovery app that helps people worldwide to search for places of interest and all kinds of local services.

MassChallenge Boston winners will be announced October 28, 2015. Check for more details.

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