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Note from the editor

Massive is a new community that empowers you to participate in science as it happens. And it’s happening all around you! From individual scientists in your community to local DIY science spaces to institutions around the world, our mission is to help you connect with the research and people pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.

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Allan Lasser
is a small boy with big ideas!
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Gabriel Stein
@gabestein | Media, science, tech, politics, general silliness. | Formerly: @massivesci, @heleoworld, @upworthy, @fastcompany, @google, @ogilvy
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Nadja Oertelt
CEO + cofounder @massivesci // science + media // formerly @mashable @harvardonline // created @mcb80x // spewed forth from @MIT
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Explore the science all around you at https://massivesci.com.
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Mika McKinnon
Geophysics, disasters, and scifi science
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Kira Goldenberg
Writer and editor. NYC-based. Dog and coffee enthusiast