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The great investing myth (2): Buy and hold

“Buy and hold” only makes sense as part of our broader investment strategy; else, it is just a meaningless slogan.

Besides “buy low, sell high,” “buy and hold” is another term that every investor is familiar with. HODL (a misspelling of hold) is a mantra in crypto terminology. People know the literal meaning of “buy and hold” but may not understand and do what it means as part of an investment strategy.




We created this publication to share three aspects of investing; mindset, method, & stories. We believe the right MINDSET is a prerequisite. Knowing the investing techniques/METHODS is the next step. Sharing your STORIES is another way to share your knowledge & experience.

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Worked in different countries and industries that constantly enlighten, enrich and humble me. Writing on snippets about money, investing and life.

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