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New Year’s Resolutions… instead, how about a New Year’s Restart?


This is part 1 of a 3 part series.

✅ Part 1 — (Beginner) GOALS OF GREATNESS
Part 2 — (Intermediate) HABIT HACKING
⚪ Part 3 — (Advanced) MASTER YOUR MATRIX

It’s that time of year to hit the reset button and start with a fresh new strategy. We all know that according to scientific research New Year’s Resolutions usually fail.

So, why waste your time in a repetitive cycle at the start of every year?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

— Albert Einstein

(Who knows if he really thought up that one, but it is the truth.)

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Okay, let’s start this adventure to greatness…

Do you look in the mirror and imagine what it would be like to lose a few pounds around your belly? Maybe you have a vision of saving enough money to travel to an exotic place where people speak another language? Or do you daydream of finally writing that book with an emotional story that’s been in your head for years?

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Did you know the reason why you may not be able to maintain your New Year’s resolutions is that you have the right passionate emotions, but you don’t have a powerful strategy?

Maybe you spent the last year inspired by motivational quotes and daily affirmations?

Now, look back at the past 12 months and ask yourself… how much did those ideas actually transform your physical reality for the better?

Are you still the same person you were a year ago?


If you haven’t changed significantly, maybe it’s time for FAME — a movement for badasses only.

(If that’s not you, please don’t bother reading the rest of this blog post because it will just make you depressed.)

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Financial Abundance Meaningful Existence is based on the truth that money is an energy that is abundant in the Universe and you can tap into it by providing value to others.

Let me start by saying that one day I tried to use my debit card at the supermarket and it was declined.

My face turned as red as a beet.

I discovered that my bank account was frozen by a convicted felon.

And I beat him in court by hiring a talented lawyer… During that legal turmoil, I jumpstarted my financial literacy and read stacks of books about financial freedom as well as self-empowerment.

For over a decade, I experimented with many productivity ninja mind hacks to eventually become a highly skilled entertainment professional in Hollywood. If you watch the Walking Dead, you may have seen my work.

⚠️ WARNING: The following information is highly disruptive. ⚠️


Money is indifferent, it has no feelings of what someone may think of it. It is our perception of money that gives it value.

Money is energy in regards to cause and effect. Anyone who’s ever been hit with an overdraft fee by their bank will feel emotionally broken and enraged. But when you get a paycheck for an honest job you’ve done, you feel spiritually uplifted and have a sense of pride.

The FAME movement is about moving the money you’ve captured, not hoarding it so that you can retire early and lose purpose in life. Its energy must be continuously put into motion to make yourself more valuable and the world a place of better value.

My perception of money changed when I realized that saving your money in the bank was actually filled with deception.

Maybe you are responsible and have a savings account that you deposit money into every month? That savings account most likely has a 1% interest rate. So, if you have $100 in there, after a year you’ll have $101. 📈 Pretty cool, huh?

Have you heard of something called inflation? Basically, inflation is the rise in prices over time.

The biggest expenses in life are housing and transportation. In Los Angeles, my rent goes up 3% every 12 months and the value of my car depreciates every year, which is now worth only 35% of how much I bought it for 5 years ago. 📉

Basically, the Federal Reserve tries to manage and manipulate the inflation rate to be 2% every year. They do this by raising or lowering interest rates on credit and printing extra money out of thin air!

So, if your savings account only pays you 1% and you have $101 at the end of the year… but it costs $102 to pay for the same things, you are losing money… while the bank is taking your deposit and lending it out to other customers at higher interest rates in the form of loans for at least 5% and as much as 36% in interest! 😠

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1% may not sound like much, but imagine you just inherited $100,000. And a year later, when you decide to put your money to work that’s been sitting in a savings account for a whole year, you find that your buying power lost money due to inflation. Forces beyond your control took $1,000 from you. (Yes, that’s 1%.)

Here are some facts that will freak you out. Most banks do not have the cash available on hand to cover your deposits.

JP Morgan Chase
Deposits: $1,443,982,000,000
Cash on hand: $25,827,000,000
98.21% of deposits are not covered!

Wells Fargo
Deposits: $1,304,622,000,000
Cash on hand: $18,622,000,000
98.57% of deposits are not covered!

Bank of America
Deposits: $1,309,545,000,000
Cash on hand: $27,995,000,000
97.86% of deposits are not covered!

Yellow Vest Movement by Wikimedia Commons

Don’t worry too much though. Banks are supposedly able to cover your deposits with loans they make out to others and various investments they make.

But if everyone tried to withdraw all their money at once, you’ll have something called a bank run, which is what the Yellow Vest Movement in France threatens to do.

What the heck does this all mean?

Well, I repeat… money is just a perception of the value we give it and it is abundant because it is created out of thin air.

Institutions know this and they have mastered the ability to provide value by securing your funds and making it conveniently accessible. In return, you pay them in fees, while they move around your financial resources in the background to gain more financial abundance.

You can do the same. (You can even be your own bank with cryptocurrencies.)

Yes, it is illegal for you to print money out of thin air. Instead, you can add value to the world that may not exist. And if that value you offer is unique, you will be on your way to financial abundance.

FAME is not about being frugal and leaving your hard earned money rotting away in the bank, but to release that stored energy and maximize the effect of your money into products and services that add to a more meaningful existence.

Some ideas are:

  • Paying for a masterclass to encourage self-growth and your ability to help others with their needs.
  • Donating money to people who are in need because what goes around comes around.
  • Investing a responsible amount of your income in index funds to support the economy that we all thrive in.
  • Maybe using your extra money to purchase decentralized currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to stand up against central banks that are suppressing you.
  • Putting your extra capital to work in your own side business to fulfill your dreams and provide value to others.

In the same way, I can’t tell you what goals you should pursue, I can’t tell you what to do with your money as those elements of FAME are highly personal.

It’s your responsibility to yourself and your family to build that financial literacy and make your own decisions on how to best achieve FAME.

Yes, this movement involves a cycle of acquiring and distributing financial power.


Most of us trade our time for money. Many grind away at their jobs doing boring tasks, clearing slime, for a simple wage. Those with more complex skills and higher education make more money by conquering bigger beasts.

But it is those who are a person of unique value that can command enormous wealth by helping others surpass their own abilities on the battlefield of life.

Most famous people are wealthy because they provide a unique value that cannot be duplicated.

How many movie directors have Quentin Tarantino’s creative vision, how many singers can entertain as powerful as Lady Gaga, how many chefs can influence your perception of food as Anthony Bourdain, and how many entrepreneurs can disrupt industries the way Elon Musk does?

Sometimes talented individuals may end up temporarily broke, but they find a way to tap into that financial abundance by providing unique and meaningful value to others.

You don’t have to be famous to achieve FAME! You just have to continuously evolve and develop yourself to a point where you can provide value to others, which in turn creates a meaningful existence for yourself. ❤️

A meaningful existence is a cycle of personal Growth and Contribution.

Personality distortions occur when you have one without the other.

Look at all the celebrities who achieve wealth and status, but they end up acting recklessly and harmfully to themselves and others, because they haven’t balanced their lives with Contribution?

Or what about that friend who gives up so much of themselves by donating their time and energy to help others, but eventually feels burnt out because they haven’t spent enough time on personal Growth?


So, the first step to achieving FAME with a New Year’s Restart is not to create resolutions focused solely on yourself, but goals where you also bring value to others.

And you’re going to balance 2 types of goals.

  1. Personal Goals
  2. Business Goals

Personal Goal:

Maybe you have the goal of losing a few pounds?

Restart and think about why that idea matters? Your New Year’s Restart might evolve to be more physically active with your friends and loved ones.

Business Goal:

Do you want to escape your current job and have enough money to travel to an exotic place?

Restart… and your goal could be to inspire your friends to try something new and do a side hustle to be able to afford an adventure together.

When your purpose is greater than yourself, you become more valuable.

If your side hustle or hobby offers something of unique value to others, you will tap into more money.

Anyone can commit more time and trade in extra hours for money, many can build up their skills through education and leverage that for more money too, but those who are alchemists and are able to convert their skills, creativity, and resources into something of unique value to a larger population… well, that rarity often results in more financial energy being drawn to you. 💍 It’s the law of supply and demand.

Restart your beliefs about becoming a person of achievement to becoming a person of purpose and value that can solve problems.


Now let’s get more specific on how to capture financial abundance through meaningful existence.

By now, you know it all comes down to your goals.

“Where focus goes, energy flows.”
— Tony Robbins

The hard truth is that not all goals will be achieved… especially HARD Goals. Heartfelt Animated Required Difficult.

  • HEARTFELT — Why does this goal trigger you emotionally?
  • ANIMATED — Can you visualize your life pursuing this goal?
  • REQUIRED — What tasks need to be completed to keep you in the right direction of your goal?
  • DIFFICULT — Because you don’t know everything, what will you have to learn to make this goal possible?

⚠️ Now, you need to pass the following test to find out if you can do it!

The Greatest Showman, Molly’s Game, Joy, and The Social Network — are all movies (based on true stories) where the hero answers that ONE QUESTION and are able to achieve their goals.

Do you want to start your own circus, a $100 million dollar entertainment business, design an invention that improves people’s lives all around the world?

There is ONE QUESTION you must answer and it is not an easy one…


The following is inspired by the controversial philosopher Nietzsche and is based on the work of Gary Keller and Jay Papasan who wrote The ONE Thing.

There are 3 Levels:

Level 1: 🙂 Ordinary Life — The average person does things that come naturally within their ordinary abilities. They avoid things that create stress in their lives.

Level 2: 😃 The Sweet Life — Some people who are above average, attempt things that seem difficult at first, but they know it becomes possible after research and studying. They read books, watch instructional YouTube videos, and take classes!

Most people on this planet are Level 1 and 2 humans.

Here’s the secret…

Level 3: 🦁 Beast Mode — These are rare humans who are aware that their natural abilities have limits, but their dreams are big. (Do you feel that way about yourself?) They manifest thoughts into reality through a process of transformation — doing activities that are not natural to them and are seemingly unthinkable. They don’t trust their gut feelings, they challenge it.

  • A) They research books, find mentors, and take classes to discover proven systems (steps to follow) for success.
  • B) They see patterns in their research and follow the path that is trending.
  • C) Or if the path has a roadblock everyone is hitting, they find a new way to solve the problem through experimentation inspired by their research. This is where innovation occurs.

That is how you achieve massive goals!

How many friends do you know say they are going to do something big, (especially on New Year’s day) but they never follow through?

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Ever notice they don’t even bother to ask other successful people how they did it? They never bothered to do any research? If they did try it, they just jumped into it with only their willpower to drive them and they failed hard… because their natural ability had a limit.

We ALL have limits. Everyone who succeeds always has a strategy to go beyond their natural ability and transform. This is the essence of HARD goals.

❗️And they also answer that ONE QUESTION with a YES… which I’ll explain in a sec.


Failure is negative energy. ➖
Success is positive energy. ➕

I’ve learned that success happens when one continuously converts negative energy into positive power, over and over again. ☯

The dark side of Level 3: 🦁 Beast Mode is that you will go through rejection 😭, some success 😅, depression 😰, accomplishment 😁, self-doubt 😟, and wisdom. 😜

Just like an engine, the more cycles you go through, the more power and momentum you will generate towards your goals. It will make you a beast because the symbiotic relationship of those psychological energies seems to alter one’s power over reality.

Because of the unnatural challenges involved, you can see why FAME is for badasses only.


Here are some examples of corporations transforming your reality.

  • Social media was trending with Friendster, Myspace, and then along came Facebook, which followed down that path… and they continually experimented and perfected ideas that came before it. Now, Facebook is more than a social network connecting people, it is a space to create a conversation that influences society.
  • Mobile phones were trending in regards to communication with voice and text, but there was a roadblock to the next level — everyone was using buttons (remember the Blackberry?) Then along comes something experimental — the iPhone with a touchscreen. Gamechanger. Reality will never be the same. Now we have augmented reality.

You can apply those basic ideas of research, patterns, trends, and experimentation to your own life and alter your existence on this planet, but there is…


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And I’m sorry to remind you once again, that not all massive goals will be achieved.

So, here is the test.

  1. First, take a leap and try something outside of your natural abilities that you passionately want to accomplish.
  2. When you experience your first failure… give it 24 hours to sink in.
  3. On the next day ask yourself…

👎 If the thought of that sounds miserable, that is not your calling in life at the moment, maybe later…


👍 After your first failure, if you are willing to keep researching, experimenting, discovering new tricks and systems, then that energy is what your spirit will thrive on.

Success doesn’t happen overnight.

Again, it happens when you continually convert negative energy into positive power, over and over again. The more cycles you go through, the greater you will become.

And the greater the goal, the greater a person you must become in order to achieve it. This is basically the theory of Nietzsche’s philosophy of “Will to Power”.

In this reality, people will trade a proportional amount of money for the level of meaningful value you provide.

You must first spiritually commit to HARD Goals, and break it down into SMART Goals. Specific Measured Achievable Relevant Time-bound.

  • SPECIFIC — Break down and simplify the steps of something hard.
  • MEASURABLE — Track your progress in a journal.
  • ACHIEVABLE — Some things may feel impossible, but what can you do right now that is realistic?
  • RELEVANT — Is this the single most important thing for you to do right now?
  • TIME-BOUND — You need a deadline!

Remember earlier when I talked about a New Year’s Restart with goals…

“Do you want to escape your current job and have enough money to travel to an exotic place? Restart… and your goal could be to inspire your friends to try something new and do a side hustle to be able to afford an adventure together.”

That restart was a sneaky trick to take a HARD Goal and begin breaking it down into a more manageable SMART Goal!

Here’s the thing… most busy people get it wrong by focusing on only SMART Goals… and never even consider starting with a HARD Goal first!

By accomplishing SMART Goals for yourself, you’ll get smart money — specific amount of pay that is measured by the time you put in, based on your skills that made the work achievable, where you did relevant tasks, and met time-bound deadlines every week.

But when you achieve HARD Goals that improve the world we live in, the Universe will reciprocate with HARD money — heartfelt reward in the form of payment for providing an animated experience where the amount of money required to pay you is based on a meaningful value that was difficult for an individual or a group of people to accomplish themselves.

Personally, I have the HARD Goal of helping others fulfill their life’s purpose. I invented a time management game called the FLOFIX Planner, that will be released at the end of this 3 part series of the FAME Movement. 😉

As the world enters a new economic recession in 2019 that may be just as painful as the 2007 financial crisis. Now, more than ever, your New Year’s Restart will have a massive impact on your future self and the world that may need your unique talents.

I know I went over a ton of information here and you may still be skeptical.

🔰 Today, start by writing down HARD Goals that could potentially provide value to others.

🔰 Attempt and then fail.

🔰 After 24 hours ask yourself if you are willing to go through 1000 more failures?

🔰 When you find that ONE thing makes you feel alive, break down your passion into SMART Goals.

Also, you’ll need to arm yourself with a set of new mental hacks and real-life cheat codes to get the job done…

Next week, I’ll show you my HABIT HACKING techniques to stay on track to pursue your dreams of FAME.

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Your sidekick in the sandbox,
Eugene Baldovino

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Disclaimer: This is a rough draft that I blurted out in a state of crazy passion on New Year’s day. In the coming days, I may revise the content to be more focused, but any feedback is helpful!

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