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They Aren’t That Awesome

Thoughts On Comparison & FOMO

They aren’t that interesting.

They aren’t that happy.

They aren’t all that cool.

There kids do act da fool.

They have crazy family members.

There relationships aren’t always perfect.

But that’s not what your social media tells you.

The internet will tell you that your friends spend their day picking daisey’s in a perfect field, on a perfect day while wearing a perfect daisey halo that they made after being inspired by their own instagram feed.

Oh yea.. and their kids are perfect. They make their bed every morning and never talk back or meltdown in the grocery store.

And your kids…

If you believe everything you see in your newsfeed, you’ll start to think you’re the only one living a “regular” life.

A normal, uninspired, regular life. Filled with struggle, frustration, and issue.

But not your friends, they’re killing it.

Here are a few little secrets that will help you stop comparing yourself to others and save you from FOMO:

You aren’t that boring and they aren’t that interesting (Until you compare yourself the PR’d version of their life)

So, don’t. It’s not worth it. Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, and the rest of the social networks will lie to you.

They’ll tell you that you aren’t good enough, smart enough or enough enough.


The fear of missing out is real. No one wants to miss out AND… It’s ok to want to get the most out of life. Just make sure you are desiring the things that will give you the life you actually want.

The vacation, car, house, and new gadget only make you happy for about 8 seconds. Then, you check your newsfeed to see that there is a newer, shiner, better version.

Instead of trying to fix a long term issue with short term solutions, maybe we should focus on the things that will give us the contentment we most desire. Things like faith, family, love, relationships, quality time, and experiences.

Don’t compare your reality with someone else’s highlight reel.

Source: Bored Panda

Mostly because their “social media” life is only a snapshot of their “real life”.

Everyone has a crazy family.

If they don’t know who it is, it’s them.

Everyone Fails. They just don’t post it online.

Life has enough to worry about without trying to measure up and keep up all the time.

Social media is amazing. It connects us in ways unknown to past generations. And like any other world changing innovation, it can be a blessing or a curse depending on how we use it.

Use it for good.