This Will Ensure Victory And Happiness In 2018

The new year is an opportunity to reset, re-organize and re-imagine our life.

Unfortunately, most of those dreams are shattered by the second week of January.

We have good intentions and bad execution. A willing spirit but a weak body.

This week on the Mastering Mentorship Podcast, I shared my plan to get the most out of 2018. One of the practices was to simply be kind to myself. It may seem like a small thing. Let me assure you, It takes daily (even hourly) attention to make this a part of my reality.

Here’s an example of how I recently helped a client understand the importance of positive self-kindness.

Be Kind To Yourself

I was working with a client a few weeks ago that was being wayyyy too hard on herself. She was overly critical and even mean spirited toward herself. As her coach, I could tell it was causing a lot of the stress and frustration she was experiencing. So, I ask her about her teenage daughter…

Me: Where is your daughter planning to go to college?

Client: UNC

Me: Cool! When she gets there, How would you like her to talk to herself?

Client: Well… I’d like her to be confident. I’d like her to love and respect herself and to know that she is loved by me and others.

Me: That shows that you are a really great Mom who loves her daughter. Do you think that will actually happen?

Client: I hope so, but realistically, probably not.

Me: How would her college experience be different if we were able to switch her self talk with your voice?

Client: What?

Me: Seriously, what if you were able to control her self talk. What if you were her inner voice?What if you were able to tell her she was loved every morning. What if when she made a mistake, you would tell her it’s ok. Not to worry about it. What if you were able (as her inner voice) to tell her she was enough, strong, and worthy? What would happen?

Client: Her entire life would change. She would be happy, healthy, content, good things would happen to her and she’d have MUCH less stress.

Me: What if you used that inner voice you can’t give to your daughter on yourself? How would it impact you?

Client: (got the point)

As a coach, I find that an overwhelming amount of people (not to mention myself) stress comes from not being kind to themselves. Not be their own advocate.

If you are going to have Victory in 2018, you’re gonna have to take the advice of Kat Williams,

Love and take care of your star player -KW


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