This is why I fight:

Because for most of my life, I didn’t believe I would ever amount to anything. I can’t remember a teacher ever saying that to me, but I saw it in their eyes.

When you’re given a folder full of deficiencies as a child, medicated, and told to just sit still and not bother the other kids you start to make assumptions of what you’re capable of.

The assumption I made was that I didn’t have anything to contribute. I couldn’t get it even if I tried.

Then, out of nowhere, A person came into my life and massively disrupted what I thought about who I was and what I was capable of. I had the privilege to tell that story from the TedX stage last year.

One thing I know

I did not deserve to be rescued from my own thinking. Furthermore, I was living in complete victim mode. Mad at my parents for giving me this broken DNA. Mad at my teachers for not giving me more breaks. And mostly, mad at God for leaving out the intelligence that I felt I was due.

I was an arrogant, depressed, frustrated, and lost young man who was just pissed.

I had found a way to become the hero and the victim of my own story.

Not a good place to be.

That is how Sarah found me. And she didn’t care. And she help me realize that she wasn’t upset at me because of my performance, she was upset at me because of the way I thought about myself. She helped me see that I had been wrong. And that not only did I have potential, but that there was a lot of it. So much in fact, that it would perhaps take me the rest of my life to figure out how much.

And that is why I fight. That is why I have dedicated my life and to helping other people realize their innate greatness.

Just like me, you have unlimited potential.

You have greatness inside of you.

The question isn’t how much potential do you have, The question is how much of your potential will you let out?

Only you can answer that. If you are willing.

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