How I’m Writing My Way Out of The Dark

I tell strange stories in order to live.

Me, in 2008, in awe of my book on the Barnes & Noble New Releases table.

As Jay Z sagely rhymed, allow me to re-introduce myself…

I wrote my first haiku when I was seven, likening my mother’s voice to thunder, and I haven’t shut up since. You write to escape; you write to make sense of the world. As a child, my world was loud and turbulent like violent storms and writing gave…




Do you want to write a book? I’ll show you how to master the basics and beyond. I’m a published author and essayist. I wrote my first poem when I was six and I haven’t been able to shut up since.

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Felicia C. Sullivan

Felicia C. Sullivan

Marketing Exec/Author. I build brands & tell stories. Work in Human Parts, OneZero, Forge, Index & Marker. Hire me: Brand & Content eBooks:

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