ART Chema JM Cuellar

No one had seen Tony Jai. Mr. Lo was in command and Club Sin opened as usual that Friday evening.

The hottest club in Chinatown had attracted men and women from all over the city. Men fronted near their rides while women strutted in heels. The scene outside of the club was just as good as what existed inside.

Masternever analyzed the club from a group of dumpsters. He had been scoping the club out, thinking about the best way in. He knew that Club Sin had been Tony’s hangout. He was still fuming after the subway assassination attempt. He had every intention of confronting Jai that evening. If he stopped Jai, then he could possibly put an end to Ying Yang production.

“Who was in control now and where was Ying Yang being created?” he asks himself while standing behind several large green dumpsters.

Masternever watched a henchman walk up to the door. The uniform for all of the henchmen in the Jai family was similar and predictable. Black suit, with black shirt and shoes.

The man knocked and knocked again with a specific pattern. Masternever listened and memorized it. The door opened and an intimidating bald headed man with tattoos on his head and a machine gun answered and waved the other man in.

Masternever stealthily sneaked up to the door. For he does not believe that he is seen nor heard. He delivered the same knock and stood to the side and leans against the wall. The henchman opened the door and saw no one. He stuck his head out to look around. Masternever grabbed the man by the throat and delivered a kick to the neck. The henchman fell backwards and Masternever pushed him inside, closing the door behind him.

Masternever had successfully entered the club unnoticed, but he did not realize that Judi and Gavin had followed him. They followed him from Kam’s kitchen after he had closed for the evening.

Judi and Gavin were parked in the car across the street. When Masternever entered Judi shot a sarcastic look towards her partner.

“Okay, you were right! You were right!” said Gavin playfully.

Both were happy to finally get a break. Judi and Gavin start checked their weapons and then they stepped out of the car. Judi opened the trunk and got extra ammunition and after arming herself, the two made their way to the club.

“Gav, let’s go in through the front,” said Judi.

This night promised to be one of the most storied in all of Chinatown. For all who witnessed the events that unfolded would not forget even in their later years.