Masternever continues his descent into the criminal underworld of the Jai family. WORDS: ILLMATICAL / ART: ROWEL ROQUE


Masternever stuffed the doorman’s body in a vacant closet. As he ascended a neon lit staircase in the rear of the club, he could feel the steady vibration and pulse from within.

He crept up along the black wall, simultaneously thinking that he would rather be inside on such a nice night.

A henchman is at the top of the staircase. He smoked on a cigarette casually. He regretted the job he had, working as security in the back of the club. The only thing that struck him as kind of odd, was that Tony would have normally entered by now. Were was he?

He pulled on the cigarette and checked his watch. The night was young and —

One of the lights was violently broken. He went to check and as he glanced over the rail, Masternever met him using the Fist Of The Wind technique.

Masternever appeared. Then disappeared. He appeared again, simultaneously snatching the gun the bodyguard had armed himself with, followed by firmly planting his foot in the man’s chest. With ribs shattered, the bodyguard fell over the rail, forever ending his career in club security.

Masternever stealthily proceeded down a short hallway, which connected to a larger one. He peaked around the corner. There were two armed security guards. One sat in a chair and appeared to be sleeping. The other was doing something on a phone.

One neon light hung a few feet from the men. Masternever ran towards the men. The man on the phone heard steps. As he looked up he saw a strange person running towards him.

He blurted something frantically to his companion. The both rose and drew their weapons.

They fire. Masternever jumped up and kicked out the light.

Surrounded in darkness, the two henchmen fire repeatedly. The sound of the shots were engulfed by the music in the club. Masternever delivered crushing kicks which ended their weapon spray.

There was a door before him. Something inside of him gave him an weird and unexplained feeling. Something was going to take place this evening. He could not explain what it was.