Masternever and Detective Long escape from Club Sin. They’re pursued into the dangerous Chinatown streets. WORDS: ILLMATICAL / ART: EDUARDO BAZAN

Masternever and Judi exited the club with haste. They reached Judi’s car and she unlocked all of the doors after entering.

“Get in” she yelled.

Masternever placed Gavin in the front seat and examined him briefly. Gavin bled profusely and gasped for air.

“Take him and get out of here!” said Masternever.

“What the… What about you?” replied Judi. At that moment, she knew that Masternever was Arious.

Their conversation was disrupted by a loud explosion. A steel door at the back of Club Sin flew into the street. Mr. Lo walked out, followed by his newly transformed henchmen and several others.

Mr. Lo stood in the parking lot and made eye contact with Masternever. There was a terrible silence, and then Mr. Lo looked towards Judi.

“Go!” said Masternever.

“Get them!” replied Mr. Lo.

Judi pulled away and the car shrieked. Masternever ran in the opposite direction and pulled his board off his backpack. He skated furiously into the night. The adrenaline pushed him and he rode with great speed. The street lights, cars — it was all a blur.

Judi focused her attention towards Gavin while her siren blazed. She tried to remember the route to the nearest hospital. Gavin slumped as she drove and she cursed furiously. She wiped the tears from her eyes and gathered her strength.

As Masternever reached the end of a block he looked back over his shoulder and two cars rounded the corner and accelerated with high speed. Shots were immediately fired.

Bullets flew past Masternever’s head. He realized that he can’t outrun the vehicles and turned into a dark alley as the vehicles flew by. Masternever looked for an exit, a doorway or staircase, but there was only concrete, unforgiving metal gates and trash bins.

One of the luxury cars drove into the alley and made a stop with the beams directed on Masternever with skateboard in hand.

The driver looked at Masternever with deadly intent and slammed on the accelerator. Masternever ran towards the car, as it neared, he flipped into a double front kick, crashing through the window and struck both men with deadly precision.

The car slammed into the wall. Masternever was hurt, but not permanently injured. A regular man would have been hospitalized! Masternever climbed out of the wreckage and brushed himself off. He knew that the scrapes and bruises will be gone by tomorrow!

Masternever skated out of the alley and made a right. He could hear the other car accelerating towards him. He turned down a street lined with palettes and crates.

The car rode along the left-hand side of Masternever. The passenger in the car leaned out and fired his gun twice. Masternever rode behind the stacks of crates and palettes.

“How am I going to get out of this?” Masternever thought to himself.

Suddenly, he disappeared.

“Where did he go?” asked the driver.

The car stopped and the henchman in the passenger seat got out and looked around. He slowly walked towards the sidewalk ready to fire.

The driver looked toward the sidewalk. Little did he know, Masternever was sneaking up to the car beside him. Masternever reached in and puts his hand on the driver’s throat. In the next motion, he grabbed the far side of the driver’s head and snapped his neck.

The henchman on the sidewalk did not hear his comrade’s demise. He walked on the sidewalk cautiously, hoping to spot Masternever. He reached a large stack of palettes that towered several feet in height.

Masternever waited behind the palettes. As the henchman walks past, he grabbed the henchman’s arm and broke it instantly.

The henchman fell to the ground, overcome with pain. Masternever thought briefly about ending the henchman’s life, be he was interrupted by the sound of sirens.

“The police are probably headed towards Club Sin,” he thought to himself. He noticed a staircase that led to an underground passageway leading to a familiar street. He descended into the darkness, knowing that this night would forever change him.