A horn honked and Judi snapped out of her brief daze. She turned a corner and drove around the block until she could find a space. She took a deep breath and replayed the events from the night before, just as she had done countless times that morning.

She knew the one person who could give her the answers she needed. She questioned herself, wondering if she really wanted to know. She was exhausted. She had been at the hospital all night, waiting until the doctors told her that Gavin was in critical but stable condition.

Judi exited the car and passed by Kam’s kitchen, briefly looking inside. Instead, she entered an alleyway, which would lead to the rear of the restaurant.

Arious exited the rear entrance and carried two large bags to a bin. He closed the lid on the storage bin and saw Judi standing before him. She looked tired and emotionally disturbed.

“You going to arrest me?” he asked.

“We need to talk.”

“You okay. You don’t look like it” said Arious.

“I’m fine.”

She studied Arious momentarily. She had a hard time connecting the mild mannered, clean cut person in front of her, with the fearless superhero who helped her escape Club Sin.

“What happened to your partner?”

“He’s okay. Just in a lot of pain. Gav is a tough guy, he’ll pull through” said Judi as though she was trying to reassure herself.

“So you’re not here to arrest me?” asked Arious.

“We have to talk. I need to understand everything. I want to know about you. Why you were in Club Sin? Everything, no bull.”

Arious sensed the seriousness in Judi’s voice. He looked at her, and realized how beautiful she was. Beyond her beauty he sensed a great deal of courage, and for that reason, he felt that he could confide in her.