Masternever raced through the streets of Chinatown on his skateboard. He refused to believe that Meng was gone.

He sped furiously, his skateboard wheels tore into the concrete.

He did not see Judi who waited at an intersection for the light to change. She knew something was wrong and she decided to follow.

Masternever burst into the apartment. There was nothing. The apartment looked like Meng never existed there. The familiar plants, pictures, the altar and statue of Guan Yu — all gone!

Masternever absorbed the silence around him. He realized that the letter was true. He returned to the living room and fell to his knees and let out a sound of agony.

Judi followed the sound of Masternever’s anguish as she walked up the stairs and entered the apartment.


Masternever then looked up. He wiped his tears with his sweatshirt and stood before her.

“Damn. Don’t you ever fucking give up?” he asked her.

“Relax. I wasn’t following you. I saw you down the street. You looked upset. I wanted to see if everything was okay.”

Masternever could sense that there was something wrong with Judi as well. She looked like she hadn’t slept.

“Meng is gone. He’s dead” said Masternever.

Judi remembered him relating the story of Meng. She realized that this must have been Meng’s apartment.

She hugged him, feeling a great deal of pity for him.

“He was my friend. My best friend.”

“I know how you feel. I know what it is like to lose someone you care for” replied Judi.

Judi did not go into detail, but she too was in a great deal of pain. Her partner Gavin had died hours earlier.

The two embraced and as Masternever cried for his friend, Judi thought on her partner and wept as well.

Masternever looked at Judi and did not fully comprehend her pain at the time. Masternever wiped the tears off Judi’s face. They kissed and held one another.