There were a number of onlookers outside of the Last Dragon restaurant that afternoon. The police created a blockade and kept the crowd away from the crime scene. Tourist and locals looked on with disbelief.

A gray four-door car abruptly stopped in front of the restaurant. Judi Long exited the passenger side and threw her coffee into the trash. Her partner, Gavin Brown exited from the driver seat.

Although fairly young, she was promoted to detective after completing a special program in the New York City police academy.

Her partner Gavin, came to New York, by way of Philadelphia’s Chinatown where he had seen plenty of action.

The two flashed their badges to uniformed officers and made their way into the restaurant.


They entered the dining area, Judi and Tony locked eyes immediately. Tony and Mr. Lo were being questioned by several officers in uniform. Tony grinned and continued to answer the officer before him. Judi sucked her teeth. Gavin noticed the tension and continued looking around, he vaguely recalled that there had been history between the two. In high school, Tony was still the powerful high school bully and Judi was the introverted girl who could not have him. So much had not changed. Tony was still the powerful bully, and Judi was a grown introvert, trying to rebuild herself.

Gavin snatched a report from a plain clothes officer.

“Thanks for your help, we’ll take it from here.”

Gavin read the report and mumbled something to the plain clothes officer in front of him. Judi stood near him and casually scanned Mr. Lo. She didn’t know much about fashion, but Mr. Lo had a sense of nobility to him. His broken English didn’t sound local. He was money. He was power. He was an important member of the family.

“Judi, you’re looking good” blurted Tony.

“You going to tell me what happened here?”

Gavin handed Judi the report. She looked briefly at the notes and became confused.

“Tony, who was the trespasser?”

“I have no idea.”

Judi looked over the report and as she glanced at Mr. Lo, she tried to put things together. She and Gavin had been looking for something to link the Jai family to the recent influx of the Ying Yang drug on the streets.

According to the report, Mr. Lo, nor Tony had seen the attacker. The officers had checked the bodyguards, all were licensed to carry their weapons. The trespasser was gone. Mr. Lo and Toni suddenly knew nothing and basically, there was nothing else they could do.

She stood in front of Mr. Lo “You don’t have to talk to us, that’s fine. We will figure out what’s going one sooner or later. ”

Tony snickers and turns away.

“Who was the black guy who was seen leaving this place?” asked Judi.

“Who cares, we probably need to get this guy on the payroll” replied Gavin.

“Detectives, I appreciate your assistance. I came here to visit my friend’s son. I was attacked and the intruder managed to escape without me seeing him. As soon as the attack began, I crawled underneath a table for safety. So you see, I could not possibly have seen him. Now, you’ll have to excuse me, I came in straight from the airport and I have not been able to get any rest. Is there anything else you need?” asks Mr. Lo.

“No, if I need you, I’ll be in touch” replied Judi.

“Thank you and good afternoon to you both,” said Mr. Lo.

Tony winked at Gavin, smiled at Judi and followed Mr. Lo out of the restaurant.


Gavin walked towards Judi. The two of them stood in the midst of the damaged and chaos, while paramedics tended to several injured bodyguards. Mr. Wen was heard wailing in the background, he knew that his restaurant was finished.

“Mr. Lo. The big boss from Hong Kong. Just a friendly visit for… what reason? asked Gavin

“There is something going on. He’s here for a reason” said Judi. She scanned the chaotic scene, bullet holes, broken chairs, shattered glass and water from several fish tanks.

“Okay, we’ve seen this before. Well, something like this. Triad ambush, no one is speaking. No trace of attackers and a bunch of guys headed for the emergency room. And, let’s not forget the most important thing. The-young- Black-ninja-guy” said Gavin.

“If this guy was working for another family, there would have been some form of retaliation by now. Tony is consistent. He’s an arrogant predictable asshole. Never been afraid of using his family’s muscle. I think they’re just as confused as we are” replied Judi “This guy, this is something else.”

“Well, the only difference is that this time we got a name,” says Gavin as he takes the report from Judi’s hand. “Before the fighting started, Mr. Wen heard his name.”

Judi shook her head and just continued looking around.

“Who the fuck is Masternever?” asked Gavin.

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