Mr. Lo stood inside of Tony’s office, and stared out of the window. There was an erie silence in the impeccably designed modern office.

On one side of the office, windows faced the bustling Chinatown streets. On the other, tinted windows faced the interior of Club Sin, which was owned and managed by the Jai family.

The glow of the city lights put Mr. Lo in a trance. He replayed the day’s incidents in his mind. He was certain that the movements that he saw, were reminiscent of another person whom he had encounters with long ago.

Tony Jai walked into the office.

“Mr. Lo I want to apologize for this afternoon. This is the problem that we’ve been dealing with — ”

Mr. Lo slightly turned his head and then continued looking out the window. Tony moved in closer and tried to get a glimpse of Mr. Lo’s facial expression.

“Tony, what have you done to remedy this problem? You hired an assassin for a problem like this?”

“This guy just pops up out of nowhere!”

Mr. Lo turns and looked at Tony. A flashing neon light intermittently illuminated his stern expression.

“Tony, your father, sent me here to straighten things out. Personally, I’ve always thought that you were too immature to handle the responsibility of running your own operation. The production of Ying-Yang must not have any interference!”

“I’m doing everything I can to ensure that production runs smoothly!”

Mr. Lo returns his attention to the window.

“Your problem concerns me though.”

“You think he is a cop?” asked Tony.

“Please. He is obviously something else. I am interested in what he said. It’s what he called himself.”

“What? Masternever?” asked Tony.

Mr. Lo turned towards Tony.

“Yes. Master… I wonder if he meant something else. If he means what I think he means… If he is who I think he is, then we’re going to have to deal with him differently” says Mr. Lo.

Tony is confused. Raised in the United States, he was never taught about the legacy of the Neverending Masters.


“You’re very correct Mr. Lo!” boomed an eerie high pitch voice from the corner of the room.

Mr. Lo and Tony were jolted by the intruder’s voice. They did not realize that they were being watched. Lin Shantou — The Soul Stealer had been waiting to execute his strategy for weeks. He knew that this was the right time to reveal himself.

Tony reached into his waist for his small .38 caliber gun and pointed it toward the dark corner. Mr. Lo looked on with curiosity.

“Who said that? Show yourself!” commanded Mr. Lo.

“The person you seek is no mere mortal. He is a special warrior” hissed Lin Shantou from the darkness.

Mr. Lo walked towards the center of the room. He motioned for Tony to lower his weapon. Tony obeyed but held the gun cautiously.

Mr. Lo realized that the voice does not belong to the intruder in the restaurant.

“You speak of the myth of the Neverending Masters?” asked Mr. Lo.

Out of the darkness emerged a force of evil, a wizard who has plagued the Neverending Masters for years since he left the Buddhist sect known as “The World of the Shadow.”

The frail figure wore a long black robe that covered his pale spotted wrinkled and withered skin. The half-man half spirit fashioned his hair in a queue that extends to his lower back, the jet black hair contains long gold streaks. His green-yellowish teeth spoke a foul odor.

Mr. Lo and Tony are repulsed by the ghoulish being in their presence.


“He is no myth. The Neverending Master is real and he is here in New York City. Your bullets. Your pathetic men. They are useless against him. However, I can help you get rid of him. For a price” chuckled Lin.

“What would that be?” asked Mr. Lo.

“I only want his body. I will help you kill him, but I must have his body once he is dead” replied The Soul Stealer.

“What kind of foul sorcery are you involved in?” asked Mr. Lo.

Lin Shantou laughed. His plans had finally come to fruition. Finally, after almost two hundred years, he would have another opportunity to obtain the power of the Neverending Masters.

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