Origins of Masternever (History of The Neverending Masters)

art by JC GRANDE

Before we begin this journey, I should provide background on our hero and how he came to be. This story does not begin in New York City, nor in the Americas. This epic journey began almost 2,000 years ago in the land of the Han people — the country that you know as China.

At the time, I was a devoted scribe who served under the powerful general Guan Yu. I followed my lord into a legendary battle, at the city of Fancheng, in the year 219. During this battle, my lord faced certain death. He was saved by a courageous warrior named Cuixu, a man who dedicated himself towards justice and the perfection of his martial skill.

In truth, it was Cuixi’s skill and cunning that turned the tide during the infamous battle. My lord Guan Yu remembered Cuixi when he ascended in spirit form to the heavens. From his spiritual throne, Guan Yu communicated with Cuixu in a vision. He told him that he would be rewarded for his loyalty. During that vision, Cuixu instantly received superhuman abilities. Cuixi, also learned that his legacy would live on, that upon his death, his legacy and quest for justice would be an instrument to fight evil. 
In the months that followed, Cuixi distinguished himself by the creation of a style that enabled his fingers to pierce metals and iron, known as the Dragon King technique. In time, Cuixi’s legend grew, amongst the Han people, he became known as the Invincible General 無敵將軍. In later years, he passed on his technique, to a worthy disciple, who later did the same.

The lineage became myth and the disciples that followed, building upon the great legacy, they became known as Neverending Masters. Each master in this legacy uses a unique style which will be given to the next master. These styles can only be used and mastered by those who have been appointed as Neverending Masters. Like Cuixi, these masters have great physical abilities.

Their strength is two or three times that of normal men. I can share tales of Neverending Masters hurling great boulders, fighting great beasts and taking on small armies. Believe me not, but there have been many Neverending Masters who’ve received slashes from swords or been pierced with great weapons, only to find that their wounds were closed or healed days later.

A master must prove that they are worthy of the lineage — this one is tasked with adding their style to a sacred text known as The Scroll of the Masters. Guan Yu decided that I was responsible for recording the great feats of each master. And so, I was told that I would exist in human form, as long as the legacy continued. I am the maintainer of the scroll and the appointed Style Master. I work with each master to create a style that is unique to their origin and walk in life.

In order to protect the sacred writings of the scroll, my master instructed me to use an ancient form of writing, older than he. I was instructed in this secretive form by my master. It is known as Forgotten Hand. The maker is unknown, it has always been, since the days of long ago, written on pages of gold written, with pens of fire. Forgotten Hand can only be understood by a trained Neverending Master — they can see the text clearly, letters that are always evolving and changing.

Since the ascension of my great lord, I have continually recorded the feats of these masters who now have their names written in the scroll. There are many great stories of adventure, mystery, courage, triumph, and perseverance.

While writing the stories of these masters, I’ve recorded the names of many of those who have stood against justice and righteousness, women and men of every great evil, killers and bad boys who moved in silence, witches and wizards who hurled demonic spells, legendary assassin clans and warriors who swung great blades — these with their own rival myths and legacies.

The reign of the latest Neverending Master was unique. I found myself traveling from the safety of our homeland to the Americas and taking up dwelling in the strange city, known as New York. In this new land, I often wondered, what type of person if any would get appointed. Would we find a soul worthy of the great scroll amongst these savages and barbarians? However, in the year of 2006, a new Neverending Master was appointed.

This is his story. This is the tale of the master born from amongst the many souls in New York City. My name is Majid and it is my privilege to share this great tale, how his style was added to The Scroll of the Masters.

This is the story of Masternever and the Flow of Death.


MASTER: Cuixu — 219CE to 361CE (DOB 1/30/188) STYLE: Dragon King — A piercing attack with the fingers. Has the ability to pierce human flesh.

MASTER: Xixui — 361 to 500 (DOB 8/28/330) STYLE: Jaws of the Dragon — Grappling technique, can crush bones.

MASTER: Shingxiu — 500 to 526 (DOB 2/14/462) STYLE: Paws of the Dragon — Similar to Dragon King, but inflicts a forceful blow.

MASTER: Chuan — 526 to 609 (DOB 5/17/501) STYLE: Winged Dragon — Arial Kicking attack, Legs split. The master spins in the air.

MASTER: Kuan — 609 to 681 (DOB 9/22/581) STYLE: Black Dragon — Simultaneous double punches delivered from both arms.

MASTER: Kui — 681 to 815 (DOB 12/13/629) STYLE: Rain Dragon — Forward flipping kicking technique.

MASTER: Shixu — 815 to 867 (DOB 6/5/785) STYLE: 9 Headed Serpent — Master simultaneously appears nine times and inflict blows.

MASTER: Gong — 867 to 1032 (DOB 3/17/830) STYLE: Tail of the Serpent — Sharp sweeping kicks on the ground. Breaks opponents legs.

MASTER: Sin — 1032 to 1107 (DOB 6/23/1009) STYLE: 5 Emperors Technique — Open handed fist technique using the force of the wind.

MASTER: Rong — 1107 to 1246 (DOB 2/18/1080) STYLE: 8 Triagrams of Pain — Technique that attacks points on the body. Ability to paralyze body parts.

MASTER: Lui — 1246 to 1301 (DOB 1/16/1223) STYLE: Six Dynasties of Steel — Punches that crush and break bones.

MASTER: Jin — 1301 to 1420 (DOB 8/7/1277) STYLE: 5 Elements of Jade — Translucency, master is transparent for short periods of time.

MASTER: Shen — 1420 to 1625 (DOB 11/25/1399) STYLE: Fury of Rain — Spinning punching and kicking attack.

MASTER: Zhen — 1625 to 1752 (DOB 3/28/1603) STYLE: Golden Fox Technique — Speed punch technique.

MASTER: Xui — 1752 to 1800 (DOB 10/6/1727) STYLE: Petals of Steel — Knee and elbow attack, enemy feels steel.

MASTER: Shixu — 1800 to 1906 (DOB 2/28/1730) STYLE: Bronze Mirror Technique — Blocking technique, skin is like bronze.

MASTER: Fang — 1906 to 1946 (DOB 8/13/1870) STYLE: Fist of the Rain — Running technique, with punches.

MASTER: Meng — 1946 to 2006 (DOB 10/2/1917) STYLE: Wind of the Rain — Technique were master disappears and reappears when striking.