Epic of Archmage Hyperion

Martin Rezny
Feb 26, 2016 · 4 min read

Legends of the Magea galaxy, from Masters of the Future

Another galactic civilization that at one crucial point of its history faced total and utter annihilation were the Querians, and they themselves were fully to blame. Strangely enough, not because of any militarism or irrational spiritual notions, but precisely because of how much they worshiped pure reason.

Querians have the brain with the most neuronal connections of all the known races, possessing even a genetic predisposition for electromagnetic sense and shock attack. These traits all developed probably thanks to the relative darkness of the environment their ancestors have evolved in and powerful mutagens present in the atmosphere of their homeworld.

It should be of no surprise then that they’re the brightest scientific minds in the known space, and definitely some of the most curious. However, their confidence in their reasoning skills, objective knowledge, and advanced technology almost proved to be their downfall.

They developed technologies of immense power faster than they could fully understand their implications, which often transcended the scientific method into the realm of metaphysics. Detested by most Querians as dumb superstitions, any transcendental thoughts were seen as a domain of quacks.

They also had a very underdeveloped concept of ethics of research, sometimes even abducting specimens of other sentient races and performing cruel experiments on them, all against their will, of course. That turned out to not be a very good way of making friends, so when the time came for the Queria to burn, its interstellar neighbours just sat down and enjoyed the show.

The hubris of Querians reached its climax when they got to the brink of discovering and implementing ways to manipulate time and cross between different realities. Completely oblivious to the possibility of breaching barriers that were perhaps not meant to be breached, they opened a portal to another universe by blasting a hole in spacetime using immense amount of power focused into an infinitesimally small point.

Unbeknownst to the Querians, there were beings on the other side which clearly interpreted the act of breaching a portal to them as an attack, concluding that Querians must be a hostile invading force. They decided to mount a preemptive invasion of their own into our home dimension.

To make matters worse, the literal otherworldliness of the vengeful invaders translated into an incredibly strange nature of their physiology, intelligence and technology, completely stunning and confounding the brightest race in our universe, making a persuasive argument for the existence of magic.

The invaders kept moving in unpredictable patterns, skipping through our dimensions seemingly on a whim, winning most battles by rapidly innovating their strategies and tactics while fighting, even returning in time to reverse their losses. Only figuring out that little took Querians a long time.

In desperation, after finding out that conventional research isn’t cracking the invaders’ nature fast or thoroughly enough, the Querian Academy finally decided to open its mind to more creative solutions and start listening to the voices of the ostracized Querian fringe, the immaterial scientists. After all, they predicted the current plight and were remarkably good at thinking outside of boxes the existence of which they allowed themselves to unassume.

The scientific project that won the contest for innovating the current research strategy in order to increase chances of defeating the invaders was a design of an obscure self-proclaimed “technomage”. Nicknamed Hyperion by his peers, he was known among his not very many friends as the fastest thinking object in the universe.

He taught the rest of the Querians his principles of transcendental science. These added to the scientific method inventive mechanisms for dealing with unknown unknowns, the fact of inevitable incompleteness of knowledge, and the possibility that meaning of personal actions and existential states may be a fundamental property of the cosmos, influencing the probabilities as well as sequencing of events, connecting everything across time and space in a perceptibly synchronistic hyperweb of actual transplanar inter-temporal causality.

Well, that’s a truncated, heavily generalized synopsis, anyway. After this fundamental rethinking of causality and adoption of trans-materialism, the Querians eventually saw the patterns in the actions of the invaders and stopped their advance by learning how to emulate them. They even managed to negotiate a ceasefire after deciphering their language, instead of trying to wipe them out. The bridge between universes was sealed, and all was well.

For some inscrutable reason, after this fundamental vindication of his work, Hyperion decided to return back to obscurity, leaving only his written works behind to guide the future generations of technomages, now the most valued title for all Querian scientific minds. This cautionary tale served ever since as a foundation of the ban on transdimensional technologies and so called incomplete sciences from the galaxy, so that it may keep its own future.

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I began developing Masters of the Future few years ago as an open universe for any media, with special focus on computer games — a compelling story engine built in a playable way. Since the original idea of developing a game in this universe has been put on hold, I have decided to move it in a direction of literature for the moment. If you find it interesting, feel free to give me any feedback. We could even discuss some potential cooperation on the universe development, especially if you are a writer or a graphic artist. More lore is coming.

The wonderful background animation was made by Amitai Angor AA VFX — check out more of his work at https://www.youtube.com/dvdangor2011.

Masters of the Future

Stories from a galaxy not that far away, created by Martin Rezny.

Martin Rezny

Written by

An independent Czech thinker, speaker, writer, and composer. Listen to my music at https://soundcloud.com/martin-re-n-1 Give me a tip at http://bit.ly/2gRGgMo

Masters of the Future

Stories from a galaxy not that far away, created by Martin Rezny.

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