For Life Undying in Health and Happiness

Martin Rezny
Mar 11, 2016 · 4 min read

The manifesto of the Cervid Survivalist Corps

By Mala Rosa, Chief Curist of the CSC

Life, in all its myriad forms and endless splendor, is an uphill climb to a downward fall. Everything dies, and if no one gets born, life will not go on. We don’t know why we’re here, but as long as suns keep shining, we’re here to stay and grow. Join us in this fight and gain gratitude of all future children!

Every lifeform, no matter how formidable or strong, no matter how big or sturdy, faces enemies to its existence, and these enemies have every advantage. They are hard to see, they are simple, they evolve quickly, they prosper out of their hosts’ misery, becoming more formidable as we advance.

Many developing races in our galaxy have discovered early in their history the nature of this foe of life, disease carried by microbes, and their natural instinct was to try to annihilate it with all manner of toxins. While that strategy seems to work at first, it only serves to hasten the evolution of a supreme pathogen resistant to all toxins, which then finds a large, concentrated global population to burn through.

The result of this is that a species exchanges eons of misery for a chance at swift extinction, and it is imperative that we step in before that happens and teach all of the sentient civilizations in this increasingly interconnected galaxy. By constant vigilance, we must ensure our end doesn’t come to pass. No matter how deadly a pathogen is, swift quarantine is always the solution.

A solution for the many, but not help for the few. We must never forget that we do what we do out of empathy, or we risk becoming an enemy of life ourselves. Even assuming that suffering is a natural state of affairs in this universe, we don’t have to accept that. If the universe itself is hostile to us, to life that calls it home, we have to fight it as well. Suffering can be lessened.

While survival is our primary objective, a life not worth living is not a life worth fighting for. Every adaptation of life has a constructive purpose, and that of pain is to warn us of danger, to make us become more aware, not to torture us needlessly. Don’t cause it unless you do so to help, and do what you can to diminish it after it has served its purpose. Always aim to do no harm.

If you do your work well, life will prosper, healthy of body and high in spirit, to enjoy itself and accomplish all of its great works. But in the search of that, don’t overlook those overlooked by luck. Every successful mutation is accompanied by many unfortunate ones, and it’s not a fault of anyone how she was born. Fix those who can be fixed, but take care of those who can’t be.

And no matter what pressure of power is put on you, never help the enemies of life advance. Even without intelligent help, disease can devastate entire species. To intentionally try to weaponize it is an act of treason to everything that will have ever lived. Then you become nothing more than the lowest of all creatures, a parasite, living from misery, fostering its own doom.

Discretion is warranted for vectors, disease carriers, because those can play a vital role in an ecosystem, and it’s not their fault that they carry disease. Help to stifle the disease within them, and always search for vaccines to put an end to all disease for good, one strain at a time. But be wary of the sickness of the mind as well. Sometimes, our beliefs and habits can become our worst enemy.

Try to respect the wishes of individuals if they prefer to quicken their own demise, but never fail to act against collective insanities that will poison and infect everyone. Life in health and happiness is a universal good, and there’s no other justification for mass suffering or suicide than preserving more life than is being extinguished. Make sacrifices, but only to give death a pause.

Our struggle may be doomed, but it bears the sweetest fruit. Live to let live!

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Masters of the Future

Stories from a galaxy not that far away, created by Martin Rezny.

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