Iberan Theory of Panpsychism

Martin Rezny
Feb 10, 2016 · 2 min read

Legends of the Magea galaxy, from Masters of the Future

The way in which Iberan pinetree herbients perceive the universe is very different from normal sensory experience. The Iberans are not only sapient and conscious, they’re also telepathic and telekinetic beings, capable of touching the minds of others as well as objects made from inanimate matter.

The scientific conclusion to draw from this experience is so simple it escapes everyone but the Iberans themselves — everything in existence has a degree of mind to it. The Iberan minds are indeed only capable of touching other minds and wouldn’t be able to move matter if it wasn’t alive in its own way.

Brighter consciousnesses are better visible to them, but on some level, they can feel even a rock being hurt. It also enables Iberans to much more easily identify exotic forms of life, especially those whom normals would call elementals — crystalline entities, sentient oceans and clouds, or living plasma.

There’s no machine that can be constructed by any race in the known space that would objectively replicate what Iberans directly experience, and that’s why the theory of omnipresent mental capacity — panpsychism — is merely a philosophical idea to most of the races other than Iberans.

Paradoxically, it’s the spiritually-minded races that find it easier to believe the Iberan worldview describes nature of reality instead of just being a fantasy. Even though all the natural scientists of the galaxy have yet to explain consciousness using organs or particles, they’re happy to ignore experience.

The implications Iberans take from their special knowledge are that one must be respectful to all forms of life and even inanimate objects, and that it is the role of the Iberan race to help the mind-blind sentients become more respectful, minimizing the amount of suffering and destruction they wreak.

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