Races: Aurus (Galactic Continuum)

Martin Rezny
Aug 24, 2016 · 3 min read

A bit of lore from my ongoing sci-fi project, Masters of the Future


Homeworld: Rhyca — Arid, Temperate, Rocky, High Gravity

Biology: Aggressive Herbient (Carnivorous, Cloned)

Regime: Radical Democracy

Plants are usually associated with slow (if any) movement, fragile constitution, and getting their organic energy mainly from photosynthesis. None of that applies to the Aurus herbients. Their bodies are naturally designed traps, capable of paralyzing their prey and then devouring it, using various aggressive chemical compounds.

Living in a high gravity environment made the Aurus uncharacteristically sturdy and strong, too. When the Aurus emerged from their prehistory and developed sentience, they quickly realized that they can use extensive root systems in concert with the unique chemicals they metabolize to dissolve and distribute not just biological matter, but common and rare minerals as well.

This way, they became capable of „mining“ and processing precious metals more efficiently (and eco-friendly) than anybody else, giving them a distinct industrial advantage. Being so used to the bio-technology, they prefer to grow their habitats, instruments, and devices rather than conventionally build them. This way of „construction“ also allows for easy creation of vast underground facilities, or appropriation of asteroids for space travel.

Anyone who decides to attack an Aurus colony therefore has an extremely tough job ahead of them because the Aurus have to be literally uprooted. Their ships carved out of asteroids are also extremely sturdy, sometimes giant in size. Typically, their only form of attack is crashing into things, which may be slow and suicidal, but often massively devastating. The Aurus way of doing things is closely connected to their fierce environmentalism, even willingness to attack those alien colonies that plunder planets and harm their ecosystems.

Aurus are a very conservative society in the social sense of the word as well, where social tradition and empirical reasoning are respected above all else. The only measure of change that’s allowed has to be an incremental improvement based on some prior foundation. Because all Aurus herbients are essentially clones, absolutely equal in every way, they favor radical democracy where majority rules. Consequently, they lack in diversity.

On the plus side, their cloned nature allows for a whole colony to sprout from a single deep-space spore, which is the most efficient method of colonization discovered to date, once it traverses the void between stars at conventional speeds. This long view of natural processes, their unique technology, and their preservationist fervor were the decisive factors in their ascension to the rank of the leader race of the highly contested Celestial Ministry of Environment.

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I began developing Masters of the Future few years ago as an open universe for any media, with special focus on computer games — a compelling story engine built in a playable way. Since the original idea of developing a game in this universe has been put on hold, I have decided to move it in a direction of literature for the moment. If you find it interesting, feel free to give me any feedback. We could even discuss some potential cooperation on the universe development, especially if you are a writer or a graphic artist. More lore is coming.

The wonderful background animation was made by Amitai Angor AA VFX — check out more of his work at https://www.youtube.com/dvdangor2011.

Masters of the Future

Stories from a galaxy not that far away, created by Martin Rezny.

Martin Rezny

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An independent Czech thinker, speaker, writer, and composer. Listen to my music at https://soundcloud.com/martin-re-n-1 Give me a tip at http://bit.ly/2gRGgMo

Masters of the Future

Stories from a galaxy not that far away, created by Martin Rezny.

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