The Agitar and Their Choropolitics

Martin Rezny
Feb 13, 2016 · 3 min read

Legends of the Magea galaxy, from Masters of the Future

“We’ll move where they can’t shoot and shoot where they must move, what’s there to think about?”

Astara Silver-Claw, an Agitar Ace, arguing with a Querian Gamemaster before battle

At a first glance, the Agitar bird people are a bunch of fragmented, disorganized nomads, spread out all over explored space, and sometimes beyond. For the most part, that’s true, but there’s one big catch to it — they always seem to know where everyone’s at, and where they’re headed.

Starting with themselves, given their innate flocking sense, each flock is always intuitively coordinating their movements in relation to other Agitar groups in the galaxy in order to be close to potential allies, far from potential enemies, and to go first where no one has ever gone before.

It’s not so much based on objective knowledge, more on a feeling really, but it seems to work remarkably well nonetheless. Because knowledge is not strictly required, their intuition surprisingly often works also in regard to other races, even those that happen to have cloaked ships and hidden agendas.

On the plus side for everyone except pirates, there always seems to be an Agitar ship nearby if your civilian convoy gets into trouble in deep space. Agitar also have a knack for finding neat new places, shiny things and supply routes, which they‘re happy to share (if you‘re willing to share in return).

On the negative side, if you’re for some reason angry at them but they don’t want to fight you, you’re never going to catch up with them. Since they’re not attached to stationary assets, they can survive indefinitely on the run. It’s also very hard to discover anything without them already calling dibs on it.

Fortunately for the galactic community, the Agitar often consider the honor of discovering something first to be reward enough. As long as you indulge their incessant bragging. The real problems start when an Agitar individual decides they wish to keep a particular thing that initially belonged to someone else.

Since there‘s no overarching Agitar authority, merely a tribal honor system of sorts, if an Agitar rogue steals something from you, you typically have to take matters into your own hands. The only group that can normally deal with such a situation is the Bounty Hunters Guild which employs Agitar trackers.

But you don’t want to pick a fight with the Agitar. Winning a space battle against them is hard. Unless you have major advantage in numbers or tech, consider your fleets as good as gone. At which point the Agitar would be satisfied, since they only consider fleets to be assets worth destroying.

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Masters of the Future

Stories from a galaxy not that far away, created by Martin Rezny.

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Masters of the Future

Stories from a galaxy not that far away, created by Martin Rezny.

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