Introducing Extended Storage

David Horne
Jun 6, 2019 · 3 min read
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You asked for it…we listened!

You can now set the delete date of a file stored in MASV to any amount of time you desire. That means, for projects that last longer than 10 days (the current storage period for MASV), you can make sure your data is there when you need it. No more needing to re-upload if your clients take too long to download their deliveries.

But that’s not all! You can also modify the delete date for files previously sent if a client needs more time (mic drop).

Unlike other file transfer tools, our storage is pay-as-you-go, meaning there is no set storage amount you need to manage to at any given time. You simply upload what you want and set the storage period to a comfortable number of days and it will automatically delete once the project finishes.

As a part of extended storage, we’ve also added the ability to delete files manually, to help you manage both the security of your data and the cost if the project finishes faster than expected.

Speaking of cost, extended storage is billed in the same fashion as our pay-as-you-go download cost and is an incremental $0.10 per month per gigabyte stored. Today the first 10 days are included in the cost, and we felt it was only fair to leave that alone, so you only pay for the number of days you store your data beyond the first 10 days.

Now we know pay-as-you-go pricing can be tricky to estimate sometimes so we built out a dead simple pricing calculator to make your lives easier here:

To give you some examples of the cost here is what it breaks out into for different storage amounts and durations:

  • 1 gigabyte of data stored for 30 days will cost you $0.07
  • 10 gigabytes of data stored for 30 days will cost you $0.67
  • 100 gigabytes of data stored for 30 days will cost you $6.67
  • 1000 gigabytes of data stored for 30 days will cost you $66.67
  • 100 gigabytes of data stored for 60 days will cost you $16.66
  • Math = ((GB data stored*$0.10)/30)*(days stored-10)

In addition to our pricing calculator, we now offer the ability to export line item billing logs in your billing settings section as a CSV, similar to how your phone bill has detailed call logs, you can now filter your download data and daily storage data costs to a per package, per recipient basis. Ideally, this gives you the ability to get to the exact costs you need to be able to fully invoice your customers for the costs you incur through MASV. We are working on making this process even easier in future feature updates.

For more details on how to enable extended storage on your account please review our new help section dedicated to the feature:

Store long and prosper,



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