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Web Accessibility With Mirela Prifti (Matechs) & Ruben Nic (Webflow)

Livestream for the Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

To celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), our co-founder, Mirela Prifti, joined the official Webflow community Livestream on May 19th, 2022. Ruben Nic, Senior Software Engineer, Frontend & Digital Accessibility Specialist also joined the event, which was hosted by Nelson Abalos Jr., a product evangelist at Webflow.

During the stream, Mirela and Ruben focused on why designing and building with accessibility in mind is important and how to make websites more accessible.

Specifically, Ruben showed how to check for accessibility issues as you’re building your site in Webflow. The Audit panel in the Webflow designer flags the main accessibility issues, such as color contrast, skipped heading level, missing alt text, and non-descriptive links.

Mirela went over explaining how to test live websites for accessibility. She focused on two aspects of web accessibility which are content structure and accessible links. Specifically, Mirela explained and showed best practices on how to prepare the website content for accessibility, which also impacts design decisions and SEO.

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