Matic organized a DApp Development Course at IIT Bombay

Nirbhik Jangid
Jan 25, 2019 · Unlisted

Introducing budding developers to the blockchain ecosystem and helping them develop their own DApps fueling adoption!

Matic in its quest to onboard more developers to the blockchain ecosystem, organized a workshop at IIT Mumbai to introduce participants to the Basics of Blockchain and DApp development. With the abundance of talent in India, Matic hopes to bring more developers to build on the decentralized platforms to put India prominently on the blockchain development map.

The very first class was organized at IIT Bombay in collaboration with Web & coding club of IITB. We hope to organize more such events in the future.

Lecturers & Team

Vineet Tyagi,
Senior Blockchain Programmer and Architect

Sandeep Nailwal
Co-founder & COO, Matic Network

Anurag Arjun
Co-founder & CPO, Matic Network

From Matic Team — Siddharth Jain, Vaibhav Chellani, Ashish, & Nirbhik Jangid

Matic Network team with Vineet Tyagi (lecturer), students & programming professionals

From IIT B web & coding club — Tezan, Aakash & Team

Members of the IITB coding club — Tezan & Team

What went under the hood?!

Session I & II — Day 1

  • Understanding the basics of Blockchain, Bitcoin & Ethereum
  • Interaction with Metamask & Web3

Session III & IV — Day 2

  • Smart contracts & Solidity (Hands-on workshop)
  • Building the DApp (Understanding the problem, applying logic & then working on the solution)

Class composition

  • There were 80 participants from a variety of backgrounds
  • Not just students but professionals with the coding background also participated
Students learning about DApp development

What’s Next?!

Students will be working on their ideas of a functional Dapp and deploy it on testnet. In the subsequent sessions, Matic team will be helping out the students in clearing their doubts & in case they face any issues with development.

We are just getting started!!!

Connect with us & Stay tuned for future updates ;)

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