Matic’s Final Testnet launch & Preparations for Alpha-Mainnet launch ahead of schedule!

Nirbhik Jangid
Jun 5 · 4 min read
  • α-Mainnet — Nicknamed तपस (Tapas) (Q2 2019)
  • Beta Mainnet v0.1 — Nicknamed आरंभ (Aarambh) (Q3 2019)

What’s Next

This is extremely important to us, as Matic aims to not only scale blockchains, but also to provide an impeccable developer and user experience.

Our Goals for the α-Mainnet :

  • To provide early access to a variety of applications, which need fast and low-cost ERC20 and ERC721 transfers, to test their migration and DApp experience on Matic Network
  • To release the technical documentation in the wild and ensure its reliability via developer testing
  • Subject the Matic Network contracts and components to a third-party security audit
  • To launch a bug-bounty program to battle-harden the network before moving it towards beta
  • Additionally, acid test the security of the smart contracts via a compelling bug bounty program
  • Detect and resolve any bugs found in the third-party security audits
  • Inviting testers to try out the Matic mobile and web wallets and incorporate their feedback
  • To provide validator nodes to external validators to simplify node setup and processes

What to expect from the α-Mainnet:

  • Transfer assets to & from the Ethereum network to the Matic side-chains with Plasma Guarantees
  • Low cost and near-instant transfers on the Matic side-chains
  • A fully-functional mobile and web wallet to interact with the side-chain and ETH chain
  • Experience smooth asset exits from the sidechains
  • Smart contract transactions on Matic sidechains (only with Proof-of-Stake guarantees and NOT Plasma guarantees)
  • Testing the Matic validator node setup experience for validators

What not to expect from the α-Mainnet:

  • Unlimited assets transferred from Ethereum; the α-Mainnet will have restrictions in terms of the amount of mainnet assets you could bring to it
  • Open sourcing of code — The complete code-base will be released to the public, post completion of the security audit and bug bounty program just prior to the final mainnet launch
  • Staking will not be possible with real tokens as yet, it will come up in the upcoming releases
  • Staking pools and Rewards
  • Watchtowers to watch the sidechains

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Matic Network

Secure, scalable and instant transactions for everyone. Powered by Ethereum blockchain.

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Matic Network

Secure, scalable and instant transactions for everyone. Powered by Ethereum blockchain.