Friday I’m In Love: Argentina & Uruguay

It’s probably cheating to pick two whole countries, but I’ll make up for it with lots of photos.

I don’t know why it took me so long to make it to South America. I speak Spanish. I lived in Guatemala for a couple years. I’ve been to Mexico City a few times. And Buenos Aires has been on my “I think I could live there even though I’ve never been there” list for more than twenty years (also on that list—Raleigh/Durham, NC).

This year, my dad turned 70. He was a missionary in Uruguay fifty years ago and he’s never been back. So, we decided to take a trip. We spent a few days in Buenos Aires, a couple days at Iguazu Falls, a few days in a sleepy Uruguayan beach town (Jose Ignacio!) and then the remainder of our trip in Montevideo.

I loved it. I’m still loving it. I’d go back next week—and not just for the steaks and the empanadas. Although, I’d give just about anything to have another Argentine ribeye (and I’d give more than anything to only pay $12 for it). The people were amazing. The architecture was fantastic. Everywhere we went, I found myself saying either “I could totally live here…” or “I can’t wait to come back here…”

I took a million photos. I’m still not great at taking photos, but I love almost all of these. They remind me of one of the best trips of my lifetime—two weeks with my dad and my brothers in a new and wonderful place.

So, yay! Buenos Aires! Montevideo! Iguazu Falls! Uruguayan beach towns!

Street art, Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires.
La biblioteca, Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires.
The best light and my favorite photo, Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires.
My dad at Iguazu Falls.
Los Dedos in Punta del Este and the world’s greatest bicycle in La Barra.
Beach stuff in and around Jose Ignacio.
Sunsets and the world-famous La Huella in Jose Ignacio.
DJs spinning 45s at the plaza on a Saturday in Montevideo.
Street entertainment in Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo.
Sunset along La Rambla in Montevideo.
Brutalism on display at Estadio Centenario—the site of the first World Cup.
Concrete seats at Estadio Centenario in Montevideo.

Every Friday I share something I love. Usually, it’s a new infatuation. Occasionally, it’s something else. We’ll see how it goes.