Finding the heart and soul of an e-commerce brand with an obvious name.

Matt Anderson
Nov 21, 2018 · 2 min read

While online shopping has swept through most retail categories, buying glasses has remained largely an in-person, high-touch experience. Brands like Warby Parker started to make a dent in customer preferences, but most glasses purchases are still made in an optometrist’s office. set out to change that model—by offering free shipping, free returns, and free lenses.

Early in our customer research, we found one of the primary reasons that people hesitated to buy glasses online: Glasses meant too much to be treated like another quick internet transaction. In fact, glasses buyers could be broken into two categories: Love-tos and Have-tos. Love-tos obsess about the perfect frame and perfect color, something that will express their personality in exactly the right fashion. Have-tos just need a new pair. So, we abandoned the Have-tos and focused on the Love-tos (who buy more frequently and spend nearly 2x as much), inviting customers to Love Your Glasses.

I worked with strategists on research, positioning, messaging—and then led our teams in creating tv spots and other digital video content to express and extend the message (I wrote the spots). I also wrote and led the team in creating companion spots that focused on the specific value of free lenses.

A few months after the brand and campaign started running, was acquired by eyewear giant Luxottica. I can’t take total credit for the acquisition, but feel free to draw your own conclusions.

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Visual Brand Development
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Isaac’s Story
Eleanor’s Story

As companions to the brand narrative videos, we also created traffic-driving spots that focused on the free lenses offer—pointing out that most shops (ahem, Lenscrafters) lure customers in with cheap frames only to charge exorbitant prices for their lenses.

:30 “Wheels”
:30 “PB&J”

Agency: Struck
Creative Director: Matt Anderson
Art Director: Dave Bunnell
Writer: Chase Doutre
Producer: Craig Steiner
Account Director: Jeremy Chase
Designer: Jill DeHaan

Hi. I’m Matt Anderson — a creative director, agency leader, and strong advocate for diversity/equity/inclusion. I live in Portland, OR. If you’d like to work together, .

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