Jack in the Box

Seven years of creative and strategic engagement.

A lot can change in seven years. Actually, we should just admit that a lot does change in seven years. In 2011, I helped lead Struck’s pitch efforts to become Jack in the Box’s new digital agency of record. Since then, we’ve maintained a strong relationship that has weathered strategic shifts, leadership changes, organizational upheaval, and more.

While early efforts for the brand focused on creative digital campaigns (Upload a photo and make a bacon baby! Scream at your computer for a special coupon! Social influencers make 101 Vines in five days!), the challenges have also evolved to include revenue-driving objectives focused on jackinthebox.com.

Walking the line between creative excitement and customer engagement has been the constant in all of the work. Delivering sticky, shareable digital content while also pushing for conversion around email sign-ups, location searches, (now) delivery options, and app downloads—I’ve worked to make sure that we can track, measure, analyze, and optimize every piece of the puzzle, even when the pieces are always changing.

Product Illustration Styles
The Latest, Greatest JackInTheBox.com
101 Vines in 5 Days—Working with Vine’s Early Social Influencers
Scream For Your Burger
On-site Engagement
Social Content
Digital Video
Easter-egg Content For Site Launch
Super Bowl Campaign w/ Specialize Mobile Experience
Social Content
Art by the incomparable Dave Arcade.

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