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Nike Back 4 The Future

The coolest shoe never made and a great cause.

Sometimes you get a phone call that isn’t just a phone call. When some friends at Wieden + Kennedy let us know that they were working on a top-secret project with Nike—and that they wanted our help—well, that was a phone call that wasn’t just a phone call.

We jumped at the chance and before we knew it, we were brainstorming, designing, building, and bullet-proofing a digital experience to showcase the launch of the Nike Air Mag—a shoe made famous by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II. There were 1500 pairs to be auctioned off, with all proceeds benefitting the Michael J Fox Foundation.

Leading a team of designers and developers, I helped map out the site and integrate hundred of video easter eggs—all of which could be accessed through the time-travel console at the top of the home page.

Lead Creative Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Digital Production: Struck
Design: Abe Levin
Development: Ryan Kee, Max Folley
Digital Creative Director: Matt Anderson

Hi. I’m Matt Anderson — a creative director, agency leader, and strong advocate for diversity/equity/inclusion. I live in Portland, OR. If you’d like to work together, let’s talk.



This is the digital home of Matt Anderson—a creative director, writer, and BBQ lover in Portland, Oregon.

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Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson

creative leader, future llama farmer. find me (almost) everywhere: @upto12.