Nike Phantom GT

Play beautiful, play free.

Matt Anderson
Mar 2 · 2 min read

Building off the success of the Nike Flight Ball campaign, we doubled up in the Fall of 2020 with the launch of a new boot (cleat for y’all Americans) that featured new elements of control and touch—including generative texture that had been honed by thousands of data points.

The strategy was simple: Ground the technical innovation in real player benefits. Quickly, we settled on the concept of Play Free—a nod back to the glory days of Nike Football when the beautiful game was celebrated and elevated through campaigns like JogaTV and the famous Ronaldinho gold boots viral video.

The visual language reflect the artistry of the game—player tracking creates an abstract work of art for every game, and boots are the tools of the artist, whether a classical painter or a street graffiti fiend.

A complete, integrated campaign included out-of-home, on-pitch perimeter boards, social content, athlete-generated content, and a challenge to fans to show their own beautiful skills.

Art Direction: Kevin Coatman, Adriano Furtado, Jamie Oelrich
Narrative: Gui Glezer, Matt Anderson
Writing: Amie Champagne, Justin Block
Digital Design: Matt Marosz, Michael Showell
Production: Jennifer Hartwell, Nial Givens, Mervonce Osborne

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