Sinclair Oil

Embracing heritage while looking toward the future.

Sinclair has been around for a long time. A really long time. Most people recognize the green dinosaur, but would also guess that the brand isn’t around anymore—primarily because Sinclair’s reach spans mostly the Mountain West and parts of the Southwestern US, with few locations in major metropolitan areas.

So, when the brand wanted to launch a new product (an updated, cleaner fuel similar to Chevron’s Techron), we had two challenges: 1. Introduce the new product; and 2. Recall the nostalgia of the Sinclair brand while also breathing new life and vitality into their image.

The result was a multi-channel campaign where I ran a full naming exercise, directed a visual brand refresh, helped craft retail design updates, pitched in on digital advertising units, guided point-of-purchase collateral, crafted headlines for out-of-home, and then wrote and led our teams on two tv spots that reflected Sinclair’s hometown appeal but added a new, modern perspective on the brand.

:30 “More Than A Car”
Out of home.
:30 “Make It Last”
Visual identity update, color refresh, sub-brand hierarchy.
In-store and point-of-purchase.

Agency: Struck
Creative Director: Matt Anderson
Writer: Matt Anderson
Art Directors: Dave Bunnell, Chris George
Producer: Craig Steiner
Account Director: Kylie Kullack
Design Director: Matt Manes

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