The Rosey Awards

Celebrating Portland’s creative crowning achievements.

The advertising world loves award shows. We’re a fragile bunch and we desperately need affirmation (and free drinks)—so nearly every city has its own annual gala to honor the agencies who spent the most on entry fees. Or something like that.

In Portland, it’s the Rosey Awards.

A few years back, the Portland Ad Federation asked Struck to create the theme/branding/site/event design for the show. There was no budget—and really no direction, other than “Make it awesome.” So, we made things as weird as we possibly could.

Working from idea that creative ideas are often treated like our babies, we quickly branched out into a world of conception, gestation, and the eventual birth—or crowning. No one said “no,” so we designed a logo (which subtly shows an egg being fertilized), I wrote a bunch of video scripts, we designed a ton of collateral (including custom pregnancy tests to drive early interest among Portland’s biggest agencies), we designed, wrote and built a site. We even made a bunch of weird posters.

It was probably the most ridiculous thing we made while I was at Struck. And that’s saying something because we made a lot of weird stuff.

Creative Director: Matt Anderson
Associate Creative Director: Dave Bunnell
Digital Design Director: Abe Levin
Art Director: Chris George
Copywriter: Chase Doutre
Producer: Essie Nagler
Video Director/Production: Jacob Hinmon

Hi. I’m Matt Anderson — a creative director, agency leader, and strong advocate for diversity/equity/inclusion. I live in Portland, OR. If you’d like to work together, let’s talk.