2013 In Political Cartoons

Meta data! Stand Your Ground! Twerking!

2013 was a year that happened to us. Here are my political cartoons about it.

The political story of the year was no doubt the revelations that somewhere along the way the NSA established a global surveillance state that has everyone under constant surveillance. Obama assured us that nothing improper was afoot and surely we can just trust him and leave it at that.

Given all of Obama’s broken promises and abuse of civil liberties, he was starting to resemble an earlier fellow we would all just like to forget was the president of these Unites States for eight years.

Speaking of that swell guy, we marked the tenth anniversary of his absolute worst decision ever: to invade Iraq for made-up reasons.

Mass shootings continued unabated throughout the year of 2013. For a minute it looked like we were all having a national conversation about guns and something was going to happen, but then we were like, “Nah, that’s too hard.” That and the NRA has purchased most of Congress.

Then, adding to 2013's pile of violent tragedies, the Boston Marathon was bombed, killing three people and injuring hundreds more. Before anyone knew who the bombers were, liberals were convinced it was a white anti-government guy and conservatives knew for sure it was brown America-hating Arabs because scoring points for your political team is what really matters.

Chemical weapons was also a popular method of murdering people in 2013. It took a while for us to deceide what to do about their use in Syria, but ultimately the international community laid down some strict guidelines for how to humanely kill people and Assad agreed to kill tens of thousands of people the okay way.

Another okay way to kill people is for them to be black and for you to shoot them in the chest while they are walking home from the store. George Zimmerman was acquited of murdering Trayvon Martin, which upset the portion of the country that thinks unarmed black men should stop being murdered at some point.

In 2013, racism continued to be a thing. This was attributed to black people.

On a positive note, gay marriage continued to gain acceptance in the non-Duck Dynasty crowd. As public approval of normal human love soared, many of the venal creatures we call our representatives had a change of heart on the issue.

Healthcare for most people was implemented—sort of. Unfortunately, websites are hard and the White House still hasn’t figured it all out. Thankfully, there is an easy solution.


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