Arizona Discrimination, Leviticus Style

Hate can get complicated

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Bob’s Diner may go out of business within a day, but damn if he isn’t consistent in his biblical principles.

The bill in Arizona sent to Gov. Jan Brewer that would allow businesses to discriminate by claiming their religious beliefs are being violated is mostly about displaying hostility toward gay people by denying them services. You may recall Jesus advocating turning people away while wallowing in bitter disgust at how they are different.

I’m not sure how interacting with a gay person violates anyone’s religious beliefs—selling something to someone is not an endorsement of every act they have ever committed—but I hope proponents of this law will be consistent and not do business with any divorcees, adulterers, liars, or anyone who has trimmed their beard or sold land permanently, as the Bible strictly forbids such acts.

One of the many arcane rules from Leviticus states, “the foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born.” Given the Arizona’s hostility toward immigrants, I’m wondering if the entire state can be denied services for offending religious sensibilities.