Hello, World

Hello, World.

It’s the very first blog post you have written on your WordPress installation — and it’s usually a good sign that everything is working and installed properly.

There’s a reason behind the development team choosing ‘Hello World’ as the opening gambit; it’s far too in-depth for me to go into here, but you can find the reasoning elsewhere on the interweb.

So, instead of talking about that, I thought I’d talk about me. It is my blog, afterall.

I’ve been hanging around the interweb for over two decades, now. That’s a scary thought. Even scarier is the number of projects I’ve worked on — the majority of which became somewhat redundant for one reason or another. They’ve varied from writing gigs, to basic web designs through to more complex web designs and statistical sites.

I’ve never really had my own permanent home on the web, though. I’ve worked with some great companies and organisations, I’ve blogged and I’ve created but… Not had my own little place. The websites that have been ‘mine’ have usually laid dormant or with a sole landing page — or contain information to let you find me elsewhere online (I’m in a lot of places, really).

I decided that needed to change.

In the past twelve months, I’ve become a husband and a Dad (although I was a step-Dad for a few months before that). I’ve moved house. Changed jobs. Taken the plunge and become self employed. Ridden on quad bikes. Rode a log flume. Been on fairground rides I used to actively avoid.

In fact, I’ve actually just begun to enjoy life. Weird, huh, after 32 years..?

Originally published at Matt Meir.

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