“Wake” up to a new form of social sharing via Wakelet

A few months ago, a member of the Wakelet team reached out to me on my LinkedIn profile to have a look at their website. Having never heard of it before, and interested in it’s potential, I delved in and setup a profile.

It’s such a simple concept, but one that appears massively underused at the present.

Essentially, it’s a website to bring together multiple disconnected media types from across the web — all into one place.

The first thing I used it for was to bring together all of my football journalism/blogging pieces together to one place.
 Do I need to show someone some examples of my work? I can point them to my profile page — rather than sending them to websites X, Y and Z to hunt out my articles.

As I’ve thought about the concept more, though, I’ve realised there’s more potential to it.

At present, all of my content is organised by publication — so, all of my Metro work is curated under “Metro”, for example. But, why not take it a stage further? Why not create Wakes by category, instead?
 So, instead of 190-odd articles under “Metro”, I’m considering reorganising my collections and creating Wakes for “Transfer News”, “Injuries” and “The Ridiculous Mainstream Media”.

In terms of this blog… Well, I’m considering Wakes for “Reviews”, “Parenting” and “Technology”. Then, if a PR agency wants to see what I’m capable of — well, I can send them to the most relevant Wake to them.

Sounds good, right?

There was room for improvement in the initial concept, don’t get me wrong.

At times, it seemed a little clunky to navigate — and then there’s the terminology.

What is a ‘Wake? Essentially, a curated collection of your best pieces of your written content.

And, launching tomorrow, there’s a huge upgrade which makes it even quicker to get your content in a shareable format.

The new ‘Quickwake’ feature lets you quickly turn a selection of links into an interactive collection — without the need to sign up.

A screenshot of a curated ‘Wake’ on Wakelet.

Whilst for many bloggers and journalists it would appear logical to setup a profile, for students wanting to quickly share a number of resources — or office workers wanting to share some Monday morning motivation — the Quickwake may be the way forward.

Signing up to Wakelet is free.
 Yes, it’s another social media platform.
 But it’s exposure, it’s probably a lot more useful than spending time looking at cute GIFs on Facebook (or Twitter!) and spending a few minutes sorting out your content now can reap dividends in working with PRs in the future.
 If you’re a blogger, do you really have anything to lose?

Originally published at Matt Meir.