Catching up with Patti Rothberg

Patti Rothberg

In which I welcome the first guest to the Matt Sager Podcast, singer/songwriter Patti Rothberg! We’re good friends dating all the way back to her solo debut album ‘Between the 1 and the 9,’ and so we’ve got a lot of catching up to do, starting with the release of her recent box set.

Patti checks in from Scarsdale, NY via Skype and we discuss her career, past and future, as well as doing plenty of reminiscing. There are music industry and radio stories galore, from the ’90s through the present, as well as a discussion of Patti’s future projects. Like me, she’s gone self-produced and digital, so expect lots of cool stuff from her. Enjoy the interview, then check out for more info.

Matt Sager Podcast Episode 22 — Patti Rothberg (via
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